View Full Version : Colt State Park, Bristol RI, September 21st Meet!

07-13-2013, 08:15 PM
Thats right, its time for another Colt State Park Meet!!!

Its been a couple years since we've hosted a CSP meet, and after talking to some of the members on the podcast we recently started, we decided it was time for another one!

Spetember 21st, @ Colt State Park, in Bristol, RI., We'll be meeting up around 12:30-1pm, hanging out, grilling some burgers and dogs, and generally having a great time!

We normally hang out at the park for a few hrs, checking out each others cars and what not, have a couple burgers and dogs, throw around a freezbie or football for awhile or whatever, then later can either take a cruise as a group (depending on how many cars there are, it can get difficult to do that here with larger groups) or head to dave and busters in providence, or go back to our or dustin and steffs place and have a little after party.

Its guaranteed to be a spectacular time this year, we've already got commitments from several long distance members, coming a long way to get to the meet, so lets get everyone here and make this a meet to remember for EVERYONE!

as always, everyone is welcome, bring a friend, the more the merrier! we generally invite any toyota/scion that wants to come, and hey, if you dont have a toyota or scion, not a big deal, come anyway!
no haters here.

Hope to see all the regulars at this meet, as well as lots of new faces, so, come out and have a fun day with the 6gc crew!

for those of you who havent been to a CSP meet yet, heres a pic our largest meet, to give you an idea of the kind of crowd we can draw:


for directions, type in 1060 hope st., Bristol, RI into mapquest. there is no address # for colt state park, you'll see two huge bull statues at the entrance tho, its VERY hard to miss...

hope to see you all there this year!!!!!