View Full Version : Engine overhaul gasket kit

06-25-2013, 05:22 AM
Are we able to get 04111-74540 ? or should I just piece together everything?

06-25-2013, 07:37 AM
I think it's discontinued but you should be able to be able to get the headgasket kit and then piece the rest of it.

Or, wait for a real parts guy to tell you.

06-25-2013, 05:10 PM
Tracing that number back it looks like it is for a GEN3 3SGTE. For that engine we use part number 04111-74541 and I have them in stock.


06-25-2013, 08:26 PM
Thanks. Does it have the oring and seal for the oil pump or is that separate? I see it comes with the gasket for the oil pump, but just not sure about the oring and seal.

And what do you guys ship by to Canada? checked it out in my cart and wow..

06-25-2013, 10:22 PM
You will need 15165-88382 and 15188-03011, not sure why Toyota doesnt include them. We ship USPS priority to Canada. That is the fastest, cheapest way to go. The shipping charges are only calculated as a percentage and will be changed as necessary when we ship the order. Most of the time shipping will come in cheaper than quoted on the site depending on what you are ordering. I would figure that yours should be 55-65.00.


10-18-2013, 02:27 AM
Just placed my order (31056875). Hoping the shipping is significantly less than the estimated $76 =(

10-18-2013, 09:39 PM
On an order like yours it shuoldn't be to bad, but shipping to Canada is never cheap.