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04-08-2013, 03:58 PM
Right before the winter I was driving my car on the interstate and when it came time for my exit I slowed, came to a stop and tried to shift into first. The car would not go into gear, any gear. After considerable pressure, I finally got it into first but the car started running rough (like bad plugs) when I did. Nursing it home, I've since (over the winter months) replaced the slave cylinder, added the speed source extended pushrod, and used a vacuum bleeder to bleed the system. The clutch pedal still feels very soft to me though, but then again it always has.

Took the car out yesterday for a drive and she drove fine for about 5-7 minutes of shifting, driving the loop around the neighborhood etc and then the same issue started to occur..wouldn't go into gear, when finally did ran very rough. Trying to go into reverse sounded like I was going to strip out the whole reverse gear so I turned off the car and spent 3 minutes or so trying to finally get it into reverse before it would - started back up, running rough, released the brake and without gas even applied when I let off the clutch the car started moving in reverse to the extent that I could have the clutch pedal fully released and the car did not stall, just kept going in reverse. Got it back into the garage and turned off the car. Noticed at this point that with the car off and in neutral it wouldn't roll like normal. After about 10 minutes or so, the car returned to normal behavior. Rolling in neutral, free movement of being able to engage into and out of gears. Unless it is in-perceivable I'm not loosing fluid from anywhere.

What could be causing this? What are additional symptoms I could look for or things to check to diagnose this. Since it isn't constant and requires the transmission to heat up I feel that some things can be ruled out like the clutch assembly itself as if that were the issue I would expect constant issue, not just after X amount of time driving. The Clutch also was replaced about 2 years ago and the car has never had any transmission problems until the time mentioned at the beginning of this post which leads me to believe some part has outlived it's lifespan. The Master has NOT been replaced yet, I figure that is the next step - but would rather approach this from a logical...symptoms=specific part standpoint and not a replace things till it works stance. Please feel free to ask questions - Any help would be greatly appreciated.


04-10-2013, 03:28 AM
I would drain the gear oil and look for large pieces of metal. I had the same issue with mine and it turned out the transmission was toast it eventually seized completely and would not go into gear after cooling down.