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04-06-2013, 02:17 AM
My 90 Gt liftback (AKA Fugaz) has like 129,xxx miles( 8,xxx miles after rebuild engine)
car runs, haven't had car to smog it but should definitely pass. Mpg is good


Interior is clean (lil tear on the door panels driver side not very noticeable.)
Spec Stage 2 clutch just installed ( has about 2,xxx)
Clutch masters Aluminun FW (installed at the same time as Clutch)
Intrax lowering springs( droped it 1.75'')
K&N drop in air filter
Front strut bar( also has OEM strut bar)
Exhaust with 2.25'' pipe (starting from the second cat)
Michelin tires with only 8,xxx miles ( rims are aluminum alloy stock size)
H4 light bulb housing conversion

2nd gear synchro (cant to do a clean launch without it grinding on you after forcing it in from first..ok on normal driving)
some body damage (minimal but not noticeable right away)
cruise control doesnt work.
no power windows nor locks
rear windshield wiper water sprayer doesnt work
antenna doesnt go all the way down at times
distributor leaks.
AC works but compressor might take a dump soon
Car is HEAVY hahaha
paint is bad (in my opinion and not OEM )
engine bay not so clean due to oil leaks

Add ons done to it after buying it

Blue Led interior lights
Smoked tail lights, corner lights ect.( not the best job might redo them)
Alloy wheels 14'' (had hub caps before)
New Michelin tires 185/65 r14
New water pump, belt, rack and pinion, oil pump
new clutch and used Flywheel (8 lbs lighter than oem and has new insert witch is replaceable)
OEM Mudfalps, lip spoiler, fog lights, Rear tweeters (hard to find these tweets)
customized fog lights
changed some interior parts ( carpet, door panels to leathery ones)
H4 housing
Exhaust( sounds nice no ricer crap here)
hood spacers
rebuild engine( from bottom block up)
toyotacelicas, and celica dragon vinyl
Lowering springs
front strut bar
new shocks,wires, fuel filter, brakes, ect(reg maintenance stuff)
K&N drop in (working on making a better airbox lol )
changed/replaced/repaired a few misc parts too.
Mr-2 shift knob












So How much would my 5th gen go for because i might trade
or sell it :/