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04-03-2013, 05:34 PM
93 GT/5SFE - Manual Transmission

I'm looking to replace several vacuum hoses on the car. Most are dry rotted and have split when I was doing some work and reattaching them.

3 hoses for the AC idle up VSV. It looks like IM->sensor, sensor->hard line, and hard line->TB.

3 Power Steering vacuum hoses. IM->hard line and two hoses to the power steering idle control sensor

PCV Hose and PCV Valve

Valve cover->TB vacuum hose.

IM->brake booster hose. Just the initial part of the hose that connects to the intake manifold.

Idle Air Control Valve gasket. The gasket for the sensor to the TB.

I need the 2 insulators for mounting the power steering rack to the firewall. The two rubber pieces that wrap around the power steering rack that protect it when mounting it.

The upper bolt for the IM to short block stay. There are two stays that support the IM, a short one that connects to the head and a long one that connects to the short block. I need the bolt for the long stay that screws into the IM.

Manual Transmission to engine bolts. I need the bolts for mounting a MT to the engine.

Thanks Tracy!! I'm able to monitor this thread today so let me know if I was unclear or confusing.

04-03-2013, 06:25 PM
Send me an email to tgriffin@lithia.com. I will send you back a screen shot of the vacuum lines. That way you get exacly what you are looking for. I will work on the other items and include them in my response.