View Full Version : Socal Celica Meet with list of ppl and food list

03-16-2013, 11:26 PM
Come join us this march 23 rd in corona, ca
all info on the pic


ok this is what we have for the list so far

People going
1. Huaraches-Raul + maybe plus 2 more cars (toyotacelicas)
2. cali90gts- Paul (toyotacelicas)
3. 123crazy- Miguel (toyotacelicas)
4. vi3ti3oi972- Frank (toyotacelicas)
5. Exel (toyotacelicas)
6.Gunfighter420 (toyotacelicas)
7. dojaguy-oscar (newcelicas) + his socal crew like 8 or so
8. lucian-Ralph (newcelicas)
9. Kevin (toyotacelicas)
10. Celicast184(alltrac) + maybe 1 more car
11. jackzero(alltrac)
12. artie_z (alltrac)
13. peteleetzor (alltrac) yes for now
14. Rpz123isme- (alltrac)
15. Ramdom ppl who saw our flyers lol
16. 91GT-edgar (toyotacelicas) maybe

let me knoe if i missed anyone or misspelled your name and Rpz123isme im sure u can bring your trailer the lot is huge im sure it fits :)

here is the food list witch needs more food lol

1. Cali90sGTS: Easy up, Grill & tools, Plates, 5 Sodas, Bottled Waters, Big Bag Doritos, Napkins, Forks,
2. Huaraches: asada, Table, PLus tw0 ice boxes their a bit small but would work to store the meet .
3. Kevin: water cases
4. gunfighter: food and drinks EZ up etc
5. dojaguy : asada
6. Rpz123isme: netted 11' by 11' screen room for food, and some fresh chips and salsa

03-23-2013, 06:16 PM
Well today is the meet ill be There by 12:30 for anyone showing up early

03-23-2013, 08:44 PM
Im here at the park and the lot is full so we have parked across the street from were the gazebo is locates. Its an aditional lot . But pm me with ur number if u cant find it