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03-12-2013, 09:37 PM
didnt start a project thread on my old ST or the supra bc im really bad at taking pics and starting projects threads, but with the vert im trying to turn that around and i hope this thread will be a reminder for me to take pics of all the new things that happen to the her :) With all that said lets get this thing started, also i will put the write up on the ST205 celica calipers in here and in the brake suspension section of the site.


the way the valve cover looked like b4 i cleaned it up


It looks sad, lol


All painted up :)


installed on car again


painting the all trac hood, and yes her mirror is lop sided. lol


hood installed after paint


L.E.D interior conversion, the hot spots are no where near as bad as the pics make it out to be


got the alternator bracket powder coated gloss black :) hopefully putting these pieces on tomorrow

11-15-2013, 10:38 PM
ok so its been a long time sense ive updated the thread and a lot has happened to the car since march,i put on the widebody fenders following the captains how to in his Dutchess build thread. a few months after that my old 5sfe starts knocking on start up really bad, stupid me thinks it was bad sway bar bushings causing the front sway bar to knock around when the car started, turns out that was only part of the knocking noise i heard bc over time the knock got louder and worse. it wasnt untill i go to replace the oil pan gasket i find in the oil pan itself metal shavings and a crap ton of gasket. so i put her down for a little while untill after the big move happend, drove her over to the new house (i know i shouldnt have but the new house was only 10 min. away from the old house) and started to tear into her about a week later. And with the 3sgte swaped celica GT i got a few months back i figured y replace its time to upgrade.....so i did :) i ended up doing a turbo swap and a manny tranny conversion.


mounted up the good old CS bumper and crash bar and began tearing down the old 5sfe with 247246 miles on her.


if its good enough for ducks covered in oil its good enough for my engine bay :)


the all mighty 3sgte in its new home :)


front mount intercooler mounted and ready for plumbing.


the radio stations in houston all SUCK, so i fixed the problem :)


ready for paint. I think the car looks a lot better w/o the antenna anyway

The Captain
11-15-2013, 11:42 PM
Brings back memories.