View Full Version : Tach not working? Putting finishing touches on auto - > manual conversion.

02-22-2013, 10:54 AM
Few things. I finished the auto to manual conversion and am putting the finishing touches on everything/fixing things I screwed up in the process.

The most pressing issue is that I no longer have a working tachometer. The speedometer works, but no tach. Fuses are all good. I did use the 12" speedo cable from my auto on the manual, which had a cut 10" (that the wreckers cut off). Could that cause this? It has the same connection, the only difference is the length.

It also has a three pin plug on it that the automatic did not have, you can see it on the Napa part here: http://partimages.genpt.com/largeimages/1189100.jpg
I don't know what to do with it - does it need to be plugged into anything? I don't need a working C.C, which I think the plug is for.

My other problem is in the shifter. The shifter does not move smoothly from 1st to 2nd, it needs to be moved slightly to the right then down. Tim suggested that I check the cable alignment, but I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing. There doesn't seem to be any specific way to put the cables in so long as you used the right cable for the correct shift arm on the transmission. The cables aren't hung up anywhere.

02-22-2013, 01:20 PM
The tachometer is not mechanically driven via a cable. It is electronically driven by input pulses coming from the igniter. All this should be within your wiring harness. If you engine runs and your ECU is not tripping a check engine light, maybe your tachometer just decided to die on you?