View Full Version : Shorted out alternator circuit, now no power?

02-18-2013, 11:21 PM
I'm redoing a bunch of stuff on my 92 GTS 5sfe. Was going to try to bust my crankshaft bolt off this morning to get to my water pump and in a foggy head space I connected the battery and forgot that I'd taken off the alternator to get the head off... I guess i bumped my hanging throttle cable as I headed in to get my keys, when I came back out (less than a minute later) wires were smoking. My fusible link is still good but I get nothing when I connect up my battery. No interior lights, nothing when I hit the key etc.

I've replaced the alternator twice, once by a shop that did funny work so I'm not sure what was original, but I have 2 wires that attach to the alternator post, they then are wired to each other and split into 4 near my battery. One goes to terminal block and fusible link, that one fried, as well as fusible link to battery. I have no idea why the link didn't burn before my wire insulation but there it is. Not the first short it's lived through, either :/

Question is: What more damage could I have done to the ECU by not having enough coffee this morning? Every fuse I've pulled is good and I've replaced all my relays with Pick-n-pull ones, so I'm almost sure they're good. What more should I check? Halp!

N thanks.

02-18-2013, 11:44 PM
I'm not sure I get the connection with you bumping your throttle cable, unless you are trying to say your throttle cable contacted the disconnected battery cable at the alternator end.

Did you identify which wires were smoking? Is your battery dead now?

02-19-2013, 12:13 AM
My bad, I forgot that part. the throttle cable dropped the loose alternator cable onto my block to commence the short. the smoking wires were from the 4-way split to the jb, and jb to battery. battery dropped a few amps but still tested at 12.15.

02-19-2013, 01:29 AM
Check your fusible link. (100amp?)

02-19-2013, 04:07 AM
You have one sentence that the fusible link is still good, and other that says it's fried. Maybe you are referring to different fusible links?

At any rate, I'd be very cautious about wire bundles in and around that junction box by the battery that had insulation melt and come together. That sounds like it could be a big mess. This may have burned through some of the wiring, so you have open circuits (maybe why you have no power yet no blown fuses - wires were burned through). Something tells me you will have quite a spegetti mess to work through at this point. Wish I could sound more positive.