View Full Version : Thoughts on clutch repair

02-13-2013, 10:33 PM
Post here:

I'm about 6 hours away from pulling the trigger on purchasing everything in that post (clutch disc, TOB, TOB retaining spring, pivot ball, clutch line).

Other than that, the only thing(s) not replaced would be the flywheel and pressure plate. Any way I can test the pressure plate before reinstalling it? Visually it's in great shape (except for the paint damage). Flywheel is also in the same shape (no visible defects).

Other than the symptoms I listed there, I had (what I think) was clutch chatter when idling in neutral and screeching/squealing when taking off from a stop if I slipped the clutch.

Everything points to TOB. I'm going to install these parts and hope that fixes it.