View Full Version : st205 3sgte VSV hose connections

01-24-2013, 11:59 AM
Hey guys,
I bought a Gen3 3sgte that was parted out a while back ($600) and now I have everything back on it. I'm trying to figure out if the VSV valve connects on the manifold side or pre-turbo behind the filter. I have the pdf manual pulled up (RM398E) and the diagram on page EG-110 shows where the VSV is connected to the manifold near the TPS, but on page EG-80 it shows the VSV being connected near the air filter. I know both ways will create a vacuum, but pre-turbo will give low vacuum at low RPM and high vacuum at high rpm, while manifold will give high vacuum at low RPM and low vacuum at high RPM. I'm a little annoyed that the manual says two different things. How is it actually connected on your cars?

Another completely different thing. I have a threaded hole in my manifold on the lower right in relation to the throttle body (if you are looking at the TB from the front of the car). What is this threaded hole? It is big enough for me to stick my thumb into it. What went there? EGR? I'm running an aftermarket computer on the car so I didn't install the EGR, but I have to plug the hole and I'm having trouble finding a plug that size. I know it isn't 3/8 NPT, I think it might be 5/16 NPT.

01-24-2013, 12:05 PM
hah, I'll answer my own question in record time! There is more than one VSV in the diagram on page EG-110. One for egr, and one for turbo. The turbo one connects pre-turbo, so I'll connect it there.

The second half of my first post is still unanswered though. I don't know what fits in that hole unless is EGR. Either way I would like to know what the thread/pitch is on the manifold so I can plug it.