View Full Version : Not all Holsets are alike. If you're looking at running a Holset turbo, read this.

01-04-2013, 04:43 PM
So I now work somewhere that gives me access to a number of turbo manufacturers proprietary applications, and it's been an enlightening experience.

Back when I selected the HX35 for my 165, my only criteria was a water cooled bearing section, and I thought that aside from the difference in bearing housing, pretty much all HX35s were the same animal. They are not. Not by a long shot.

So. According to the Holset database, there are no less than SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN different part numbers under the HX35 frame! HX35 is like saying you have a T4.

Take a look at a screenshot I just took to see how widely varied they can be in power. Keep in mind these are deigned to make that power at EXTREMELY low rpm, as they are rated for diesel engines for the most part.

HP = TQ * RPM /5252

so at 3000rpm, if you're making 85hp for example. (lowest rated HX35 I could find)


If you're making 380hp for example (highest rated HX35 I could find)


(On a personal note, my own HX35 is rated for 230hp p/n: 3538702, so I got lucky)

That's a fairly wide range wouldn't you say? And that's just the range in the part numbers in this screen alone.

Now take a look at the screenshot (sorry about the size, and I had to remove most of the numbers because it's proprietary.


So, before snagging one. Make sure you get a part number, and find out what it's rated for.

The Dodge ones from 1994-2001 are rated from 160hp-245hp. So still a pretty wide range there.

Earilier Dodge turbos 1988-1993 are H1C frame, and are all rated for 160hp. They have much larger turbine housings then the HX35s as well. (Dodge HX35s have a 12cm^2 housing, Dodge H1Cs have 18-21cm^2 housings.)