View Full Version : Replacing struts on 93 GT

12-17-2012, 09:09 AM
I want to replace all 4 struts on both my 93 GTs, and I have some questions that searching hasn't provided answers.

Can they be disassembled and reassembled without using a vise (and a bench to mount it onto)? If so, how?

Does anyone know if and where a complete, new strut assembly can be found for the 93 GT? This would be another option if a vise is absolutely necessary for rebuilding them.

The recommended torque on the rear strut mounting bolts is over 180 ft-lbs. The most I ever dealt with was about 85 on head bolts. Would an electric impact gun be good enough?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I am slowly getting back into DIY repairs and picking up tools as I go.

12-17-2012, 09:49 AM
A vice isn't absolutely necessary, but it does make things much easier and safer.

However, for the fifth-gen Celica the rear struts are non-rebuildable and therefore are replaced as a unit, while the front struts use a cartridge insert. Most people use KYB GR-2 for straight replacement of the original equipment.

Keep in mind that you'll want also want to replace the strut mounts, spring seat insulators (dealer part), probably the strut boots, possibly the bump stops, and likely the sway bar end links (mostly because they're nigh impossible to remove in one piece).

Useful guide I found when replacing my struts. The one area I disagree with is in regards to the brake line hangers; I disconnected my caliper and fed the brake line through the hanger rather than cutting a slot in it, which also gave me more room to manuever in the wheel well since the caliper wasn't hanging about.