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Hello everyone, some basic bio information:
Brett M
Age: 23
Mechanical Engineering undergrad student at Oregon State
location: Corvallis. hometown, nearby beautiful Sandy Oregon foothills of Mt. Hood
Favorite owned cars: 90 Subaru loyale, 91 Prelude Si (yes a hundah), 68 and 72 Nova's and my baby doll 85 MR2

I have a little fabrication experience, what feels like a lot of restoration experience, a reasonable knowledge of physics material properties and design analysis. I love motors, I have assembled 2 so far and am looking to make a career of automotive performance.

Anyway, why im here. I have been entertaining the idea of a 3sgte swap into a MK1 aw11 mr2 and fortunately for me I had a buddy parting out an 88 all-trac who traded me a TV for the first gen motor he had. I am here to primarily research this motor and its systems and see what differences (beyond the obvious) exist between the first second and third gen motors along with what are people commonly doing to make additional power on a relative budget. Anyway I'm off to search and read, I hope to answer any questions I can but I know more about mr2s and the straight axle pickups and runners. Anyway happy trails!

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Post a build thread.

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I'm not qualified to say much about your build but I wanted to give a shout out to the Loyal!!

The car I learned to drive on was a 90 Loyal wagon 5 spd with push on-off 4wd. Top speed was about 85mph but I LOVED it.

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Check out the FI forum, there's a lot of good stickies in there.

Off the top of my head, gen1 is W2A, single entry turbo. Second gen is A2A (unless you get the CS edition) with a dual entry turbo. Gen1's have more turbo cracking heat related issues. You can swap out exhaust & turbos between 1<>2 without problems to avoid that.

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welcome :)

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hello and welcome!