View Full Version : parking brake hardware kit

12-10-2012, 10:29 PM
hey guys, i'm looking for a hardware kit for the parking brake (which is a drum in a disk) springs ,pins,adjuster for a 1992 Celica GT4 shipped to canada??

thanks in advance

Aaron Willis
12-11-2012, 12:42 AM
Toyota does not package a hardware kit. I'll see if we can get all the individual parts organized and verify that they exist.

Aaron Willis
12-11-2012, 01:07 AM
Take a look at the attached image. Each part has a number (called a PNC) attached to it. That PNC is in the list below, followed by the part number.

47447F = 47447-22020 - PIN, SHOE (x2 per vehicle)
47447E = 47447-20030 - PIN, SHOE (x2 per vehicle)
47611A = 90213-07018 - WASHER, TYPE C (x2 per vehicle)
47449A = 47449-32010 - CUP, SHOE, INNER (x4 per vehicle)
47449A = 47449-30030 - CUP, SHOE, OUTER (x4 per vehicle)
47447D = 90501-14049 - SPRING, COMPRESSION (x2 per vehicle)
46550F = 90507-16009 - SPRING, TENSION, FRONT (x2 per vehicle)
46550J = 90507-16009 - SPRING, TENSION, REAR (x2 per vehicle)
47613D = 90504-14002 - SPRING, COMPRESSION (x2 per vehicle)
46550E = 90506-12010 - SPRING, TENSION (x2 per vehicle)
47405A = 47405-30040 - ADJUSTER, RH
47406A = 47406-30040 - ADJUSTER, LH

All of these parts are still available. You can use the Search By Part Number box on the front page at www.LithiaToyotaParts.com to get prices. Just be sure you DO NOT select a vehicle - use the part number only. Once you have what you want in your shopping cart, it will also give you a shipping estimate to Canada.