View Full Version : What should it look like?

10-25-2012, 03:35 AM
Dropped the exhaust manifold tonight off Jasmine. She has about 1000 miles on her.

What should I expect the exhaust ports and valves to look like? (no picture, too dark).

The ports are black (not sooty black, I wiped my finger on the ports and it didn't leave line in the head, looked like I just brushed up against a tire). The valves are white. From what I know this is just normal because the exhaust is the hottest part. If the ports and everything else was white I would be running way lean, and if the valves were black then I was too rich.

I'll post a picture in the morning.

10-28-2012, 06:09 PM
Sounds normal.

10-30-2012, 04:47 AM
It's normal to get some residue on your finger when sticking your finger in the dark frontal hole.

But ya, sounds fine.