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09-22-2012, 01:18 AM
Hey all
I bought this trac about 2 1/2 years ago and never had it running right. It would only run while I held the gas peddle down and than it would very slowly build up RPM's and when I would let off the gas, it would die. I didn't know any thing about all-trac's than and only know about 1% of what I should know about them now. Any ways hears what I have been doing with the car at present.
Before I parked it I filled the tank up by 5 galion cans of turbo blue,it took about 3 of them. This gas is 105 octane with lead in it. It's what we call racing fuel around here.
I put the car back to gether and reinstall the dual spool turbo back on. Got a new SS down pipe with a SS exhaust manny, 3". Had to cut the down pipe off and weld it on to my old down pipe to where it is ready for a mid pipe.
Added 1 bottle of trechron and B-12 fuel injector at the same time to the old fuel, and got the car to run very roughly and got a 52 code. I would let it run untill it would warm up to normal temp, and would shut it off and let it cool down. The car had a miss and it would not clear up by just Idleing.
Befor I parked the car I had put new spark plus in,NGK's, new dizy cap and rotor, and plug wires. Never got it to run back than. Now after starting it this past week and found it had a miss I pulled the plug wires from the dizzy cap to see whitch plug was causeing the miss. It was the #2 plug. Pulled it and checked it's clearence and it was .025. Changed the plug and wire and still had the miss. Finely decided it must be a clogged injector.
Bought another can of B-12 and two cans of carb cleaner, started the engine and pulled a vocuume hose off of the throttle body. Sprayied the one can of carb cleaner in while the car was at a high idle, around 1500 RPMs, at a rate that would bogg the RPMs down to where the car would almost stall and than would let it clear up and do it all over again untill the can was empty. While the car was still running I poured the B-12 injector in and did as before with the carb cleaner. After that I did the other can of spray carb cleaner as I did the 1st. can. The injector started to open up about half way through the B-12 can of injector cleaner and finely opened up, I would say to about 98%. I let the car run at a fast idel for about an hour and than drove it around the block a couple times and than took it out on a strieght run for about 3 miles. This was was 1st time I have ever rode it a turboed car and I was amaszzzzed at how fast it was.
can hardly wait to get it to it's full potental on speed.
Next is to change the knock sensor and check out the wireing to it. Will keep you all posted.

09-22-2012, 03:42 AM
Great to hear that you managed to free up that injector with just chems!

I'm glad your finally able to get a little entertainment out of that car after all that work!

joe's gt
09-22-2012, 05:33 PM
If it had a a clogged injector, I bet the others might not be in good shape as well and although chemicals probably got them to open up, I bet their response times are not anywhere near what they are suppose to be. I would send them out to get cleaned.

09-23-2012, 02:02 AM
Has it is for now, I'am involved in repairing our church roof. I'll have to wait untill about next Wed. to start back on it.
I goggle DIY fuel injectors cleaning methads and found one that I will be useing to clean my own injectors. I have collected all the parts to make it but just can't stop the roof repair to clean them. Will let every one know how it works out. In the mean time I just drive it around the block and back home untill the next time.


joe's gt
09-23-2012, 05:36 PM
I'm all for DIYing everything that you can, but places like witchhunters have setups to check response time and flow numbers. With DIY cleaning, you are just hoping they are performing up to expectations afterword. If this is just a DD that you won't be doing much modifications to, then go ahead and clean them and throw them back in if everything seems to be running fine. But if you plan on doing some modifications to enhance engine power and running higher boost, I would definitely consider getting them professionally cleaned and flow tested.

09-23-2012, 07:43 PM
It is not even a DD, just a cruzzer on a day I would like to drive with comfort. I do plan on installing new oem's though. I think I'll just stay with the 440 stock ome's, and not up grade unless I have too.

Now as for " The Black" my other All-trac, it will be the dream build with the 5sgte with all the goooooodys and a whole bunch of quick speed

Thanks for your advice it is well recieved and noted. buffalohunter7321

09-24-2012, 12:13 AM
Glad to see you're getting it worked out Jack!

On another note, I took a picture of that noise filter for you....3188

09-24-2012, 12:15 AM
Edit: double post.

09-24-2012, 02:53 AM
Hey Chris, sorry about not being able to make the meet. I wouldn't mind meeting with you all any time, You and Stacy are good people.

When Lonestag let me come and get some parts off of my old GT-S, he let me get the one off of it. It is now on the blue trac. And thanks to you Chris I can order a new one from Toyota for "The Black". Thanks for keeping your word, it says alot about a mans character. Like I said, your good people.


10-10-2012, 02:31 PM
Using leaded fuel will kill your O2 sensor and your cat. And it won't really help with the idle or anything.
Try seafoam. And it wouldn't hurt to do a compression test before you mess with the injectors.
And if you think one of them is bad you can swap them around to see if the miss moves with the injector or not.

You may want to check your TPS sensor and your AFM also.

What year Alltrac?

10-19-2012, 01:50 PM
I did a compression test right after I changed my plugs to Pulstar plugs. 1 was 152, 2 was 158, 3 was 154, 4 was 156.
Finely drove and let idel untill almost all the gas was out of the tank. Refilled with premium gas and now driveing it on short drives around 10 to 15 miles to run it low again and will refill from now on with Premium gas.
The only proplem now is the code 52! Changed the old sensor with a new OEM Totota one and than drove it for about 5 miles and than got another check engine lite, ran the Dignostic and got a code 52. The wire is in great shap no corrosion. Quick disconnect plug was clean along with the sensor. Funny thing is after the car sets and cools down, I can start it up and let it just idel, and the check engine light does not come on untill I give it a little throttleto about 1800 RPM's, than the check engine lite comes back on.
It does this every time I let it set, but if started when warm the check lite is on as soon as I turn the key on!!!!

Will it hurt the engine to drive it with the check engine lite on [52]?? The car sounds and runs great, no miss any more but one of the times I did the Diognostic I got a code 41 [TPS] and a code 51 [some code for connection??] and the code 52. So disconnected the battery for about 10 min. and reconnected the battery, ran the Dio and no codes whats so ever untill I gave it a little gas to move it and than the check engine lite thing started. It's been that way for about 2 weeks now.... Any one have a glue of what is going on!!!
Oh yeah, the miss was on the #2 cylinder and there is no cat on the car, except when one of the neigberhood [cats] walks all over it, in whitch i wouldn't mind, if they would just wipe there paws first. The car, as of now, only has a 3" down pipe on it and the O2 sensor is the one that came with the car, but plan on getting a new OEM one soon and a new SS 3" complete exhaust from dowm pipe back. Right now it only has the down pipe fore an exhaust system, sounds real good that way. But lets to many fumes in the car that way.
St 165

10-19-2012, 05:35 PM
^ be careful, just having a downpipe can also heat up your oil since it's dumping right into the pan

10-19-2012, 10:04 PM
Will most likely get the rest of the exhaust by the end of the month.

My FX-16 is getting new rear E-brake cables and all new Disk plus new rear rotors as of now and a few sway links too. New Rt. side axel so I'll be DD it while I accumulate the new injectors and arange for the new SS exhaust. Than I'll have a set of new all season tires fore the front and a set of new snow tires fore the rear mounted on my old GT-S extra rims. I'll be ready for the winter.

11-10-2012, 04:08 AM
Changed the fuel filter and the car is still missing. Also got a new OEM fuel pump but have not installed as of yet.
I pulled the #2 plug wire and checked the spark it was real blue and yellow and strong. It would jump at lest 1 1/2" to the dizy cap, but when replugged, the idel did not change. So I say it must be a plugged injector. I'am going to put 2 cans of B-12 in the tank tomorrow to see if that will clear the injector. I believe it has very little gas in it, but can't know for sure because the gas gage when I filled it up to the tank cap, only read to just over the 3/4 mark. It is reading as of right now between 1/4 and empty. When I did the 2 cans and 1 spray can, I ran it through a hose on the throttle body and that only is added to the gas after the injectors. So I plan on putting 2 pour in cans of B-12 through the tank unless some one can tell me another way of getting it through the injectors only?