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09-13-2012, 01:36 AM
First I need to figure out which C60 I need. The Toyota dealership had two part numbers for a C60, and I'm not sure (based off of their vague description) I need. Car is 2000 ZZT231 (2zzGe). I know they changed the transmissions around circa 2002, so I'm wondering which part number is which because I'm looking to do a straight over swap. Here are the two C60 P/Ns I have.
30300-2B871 and 30300-2D070

The following P/Ns I have a general description for, but I don't always know wtf they are, so I need then translated from "inventory" to English. For example I have "90105-10431. Bolt, W" Wtf is that? I will also need prices for all of the part numbers.

Here we go


After you look these up, I'm sure you'll be able to guess that I'm doing a C-60 to C-60 straight over swap, doing the clutch while I'm in there. I'm also going to need a rear main for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, since I'll have the engine and trans out of the car I'm also doing a water pump, PS pump, timing chain, guides, and tensioners, Lift bolts (and the needed valve cover gasket if my toyotech friend can't get some FIPG for us to use), axles, and some other suspension stuff.

I'm looking to do this as soon as possible, so if there are any other parts you recommend getting in advance, send them on down. I have cash on hand to do this. I know you usually say to order everything through your website, and I shall. I just want to make sure I have all the P/Ns straight first so that I know what I'm getting.

Aaron Willis
09-13-2012, 03:06 AM
OK! I am more than a bit confused. You have a list of part numbers, but you want us to tell you what they are...? Unfortunately, it is not practical to determine the correct function or identification of every single part number, especially hardware; there is simply no practical way for us to determine what each bolt or washer does or where it goes. We would literally have to ignore all our other customers for at least several hours, if not a couple of days, to do that.

I am assuming you found that list somewhere and believe it applies to the work you want to do on the car you want to do it on. The best approach is to go back to the place you found that list and determine why the person who suggested them did so. If their circumstances are the same as yours, the list should apply. They should also have mentioned what each part was and why they purchased it.

If you cannot do that, starting from scratch will be much faster than reverse-engineering a list of part numbers to determine if they are what you want and if they are correct for your car. In that case I will have to ask for a line-by-line breakdown of exactly which parts you want for exactly which car. I don't like to think I am all that lazy (Tracy will disagree), but ten minutes of your time spent creating a list of specific parts really will save me hours of frustration going back and forth trying to decipher it on my own. I get confused easily, and it makes me cranky. Tracy doesn't like that. Come to think of it, neither do I.

And filed under "you knew this was coming": Pricing is up to you. Take any part number you are interested in to www.LithiaToyotaParts.com and use the Search By Part Number box on the front page.

Beer time...I'll catch up on Friday. If Tracy does not sort out which transmission is which, I will address that when I return.

09-13-2012, 04:11 PM
The build date is what determines which transmission you need. 30300-2B870 was used from 8/1999 up to 01/2000. 30300-2D070 was used 01/2000 up to 05/2001. If your build date is in January 2000 or newer you will use the 30300-2D070. If your still not sure send me your VIN and I will give you the exact part number.

As far as the random part number list goes, Aaron is right. It makes both of us grumpy and no one wants that.

09-13-2012, 09:06 PM
The situation is I got that from the parts department at Go Toyota as I was listing off everything I need. So obviously the trans swap, lift bolts, PS pump, water pump, etc. So if I just go by this inventory I already have, I'm sure I'll need all those parts. The main thing I need is which trans part number I should go with. I'll PM you the VIN on that Frunkmonkey.