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edit: heres the write up on it if you can't see

FS: 1985 RA64 Celica Turbo (Hatch) - Minty clean, Fully Built ★☆
up for sale is my 85 RA64 Celica Turbo (Hatch). This is a highly modified street car that has seen a lot of time, money, & care put into it.
The entire vehicle is composed of high quality, functional parts, with excellent fit, finish, installation & purpose. Many of these components have been custom fabricated for ideal fit/finish + integration. I am only selling to move onto a new chassis. This is not a hack-job, junk yard turbo set up. This is truly a "complete package", including fully built / forged motor (right down to custom oil squirters), SDS full stand-alone engine management, beautiful equal length tubular exhaust manifold, massive Spearco intercooler core with proper shrouding (custom built out of light weight aluminum), custom hammer-finished 2.5" mandrel bent boost piping, full 304 Stainless Steel 3" turbo-back exhaust system (3" mandrel bent downpipe, 3" straight pipe with axle-back dump), 7.5" Supra LSD-equipped rear end + rear disk brake assemblies, Custom 1-piece light weight drive shaft, 16x8J ARE (manufactured by Enkei, Made in Japan) 2 piece meshies (polished lips, silver faces) wrapped in 245/45/R16 Sumitomo HTRZ II's, etc.

This has been an absolutely phenomenal car for me. I have driven it from Edmonton to Vancouver many times, with no issues. This has been my daily (summer) driver, taking me to work & back, as well as weekend / evening cruises, & 'spirited' mountain driving. In that time, we've cleaned up a lot, modified a number of components, did a complete mechanical refresher, as well as implemented some new additions.

Absolute blast to drive. Sounds unbelievable at idle, & better yet under WOT load. Pulls very, very hard, has no problem throwing out the rear, lighting up tires, & getting you into trouble.

Ran a 12.9 second 1/4 mile time @ 111 MPH @ 10 PSI.

For most of my ownership, it's been run off the wastegate spring (7 PSI). Currently tuned running 12 PSI.

★ General Specs -

☆ 1985 RA64 Celica (Hatch)
☆ Manual 5 speed
☆ Rear-wheel drive
☆ Turbocharged
☆ 2 + 2 seating
☆ Red exterior w/ black trim
☆ Black / grey cloth interior
☆ No rust, no rot
☆ LSD-equipped (Supra 7.5" rear)
☆ Front / rear disk brakes
☆ Fully built 2400cc 22RE (converted to 22RE-T)
☆ Incredibly clean inside & out, mechanically & cosmetically
☆ Power steering
☆ Power mirrors
☆ Cruise control
☆ Manual crank windows
☆ Manual locks
☆ Pop-up headlamps



Cylinder Head:
☆ Crane 282* camshaft
☆ Ported / Polished head
☆ SS intake / exhaust valves
☆ LC engineering valve spring set
☆ Custom camshaft oil squirters
☆ LC engineering pro head stud set
☆ MLS head gasket
☆ Metal timing chain guides
☆ Brush polished valve cover w/ brand new gaskets
☆ All-Star performance baffled oil catch tank w/ K&N breather filter, anodized Earl's -AN fittings, & brand new lines

Short Block:
☆ Mahle forged pistons (OEM bore)
☆ Recently replaced piston rings
☆ Forged Crower rods
☆ Clevite main bearings
☆ Clevite rod bearings
☆ Clevite thrust bearings
☆ Brand new front / rear crank seals


☆ Rebuilt Turbonetics T04 turbo-charger (H-3 Compressor, 0.69, ceramic coated hot side)
☆ Internal wastegate with upgraded actuator
☆ Custom equal lenth tubular manifold (Ceramic coated) w/ 1.625" primary runners into T3-flanged collector
☆ Full 3" custom mandrel bent stainless steel downpipe (Ceramic coated)
☆ Full 3" stainless steel straight-pipe exhaust, dumping post-axle
☆ Custom hard feed line
☆ Custom hard return line
☆ Massive Spearco front-mount intercooler core
☆ Air is directly ducted to the IC via custom-built aluminum shrouding
☆ Custom mandrel bent 2.5" boost piping (hammer-finish powdercoat), integrated into the rad support for OEM fit/finish
☆ Rebuilt (seals + insulators + pintle caps) Bosch 500cc injectors
☆ K&N intake filter feeding 4" intake tube
☆ Brake booster heat-shield
☆ Bosh in-line AUX fuel pump w/ Earl's fittings
☆ Brand new in-tank Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump + brand new inline fuel filter


☆ SDS EM-1E Full stand alone engine management system (neatly mounted in glove box)
☆ GM 3 BAR map sensor replaces the restrictive OEM airflow meter
☆ SDS manual boost controller (very nicely integrated into dash)
☆ SDS on-the-fly fuel enrichment dial (again, nicely integrated into dash)
☆ Brand new NGK spark plug leads
☆ Brand new NDK BKR7E spark plugs
☆ Brand new OEM distrubutor cap / rotor / O-ring
☆ Optima Red Top battery (In brand new Taylor Vertex battery box, mounted in hatch)


☆ KYB GR2 shocks / springs on all 4 corners
☆ Supra 7.5" LSD rear end (3.73 gears)
☆ Custom 1-piece light-weight drive shaft
☆ Complete Supra rear disk brake assemblies (calipers coated red)
☆ Hawk HPS brake pads
☆ OEM brake rotors
☆ Tilton Solid center metallic disc
☆ Upgraded performance pressure plate
☆ Brand new slave cyclinder
☆ Brand new master cylinder
☆ Upgraded Wilwood High-Temp 570 brake fluid


☆ 2-piece ARE (Manufactured by ENKEI, made in Japan) mesh wheels -- Polished barrels + center caps w/ silver faces
★ 16x8J et0 Non-staggered, front/rear (includes all 4 center caps)
☆ Sumitomo HTRZ II tires --
★ 245/45/R16 Non-staggered, front/rear (with painted type)
☆ Red anodized valve stem caps

★★ BODY:

☆ Custom slot-vented hood (welded metal-work)
☆ OEM black lip / trim recently restored
☆ Stock body - Nothing has been cut, drilled, riveted or destroyed in any way


☆ CRUISE (Sapporo, Japan) anodized pink aluminum shift knob
☆ Autometer boost gauge (2 5/8") mounted to lower A-pillar in single mounting cup
☆ Vintage Autometer narrowband (43mm) mounted to left-side gauge cluster
☆ Discontinued 350mm Grant CORSA steering wheel (top model) w/ black anodized spokes + Black leather wrap / black stitching
☆ Grant steering wheel hub adapter
☆ Complete OEM interior (dash, door panels, carpeting, rear seats, etc.)
☆ Multi-way adjustable cloth front seats (grey)
☆ Cloth rear seats (grey)
☆ Slide-out rear luggage privacy cover (removable - OEM option)
☆ Brand new (still has packaging plastic on it) Taylor Vertex vented battery box (mounted in rear hatch)
☆ Optima Red Top battery
☆ Authentic OEM Toyota thin rubber floor mats
☆ AutoKing pedal set


☆ JVC touch-screen double DIN in-dash DVD / MP3 / USB head unit (w/ proprietary iPod-in cable + functionality)
☆ Complete JBL component speakers all around
☆ Clarion 400W APX4241 amplifier
☆ Clarion 10" shallow mount sub woofer
☆ Shallow-mount sealed sub box


☆ Oil changed every 2-3000 km's with full synthetic 5W40 (Amsoil, Castrol, Royal Purple) + OEM filters (or synthetic K&N)
☆ Brand new front / rear crank seals
☆ Brand new serpentine belt
☆ Brand new valve cover gasket set w/ half-moons
☆ Brand new oil catch can lines
☆ Brand new oil catch can breather
☆ Brand new NGK spark plugs
☆ Brand new NGK spark plug leads
☆ Brand new distrubutor cap
☆ Brand new distributor rotor
☆ Brand new slave cylinder
☆ Brand new master cylinder
☆ Freshly flushed with Wilwood High-Temp 570 brake fluid
☆ Fresh coolant flush
☆ Brand new Stant thermostat
☆ New silicone vacuum lines
☆ New Optima battery
☆ Brand new starter
☆ New alternator
☆ Diff flushed with Redline shockproof gear oil
☆ Brand new intake manifold gasket
☆ Brand new exhaust manifold gasket (w/ integrated heat shield)
☆ Brand new Crank Angle Sensor
☆ Brand new Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
☆ Brand new in-line fuel filter

Car is currently in Surrey, BC, but still has active Alberta title / plates / insurance. Can deliver as far as Winnipeg, or freight ship internationally.

☆ $10,500 OBO

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Worked for me.

Very nice car.

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Holy shit that is clean.

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ya, no joke man! asked if they could make it to the ogopogo... but no dice :P

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few of the many pics posted


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Thanks for posting here!

I`d come up to the meet but I don`t have any money to drive out there again anytime soon!

08-01-2012, 03:22 AM
no worries! good luck with the sale, hope it goes to a good home :). why you selling such a great looking caR?

08-01-2012, 04:28 AM
I just need a cheap daily driver now, I dont really track it or anything. I know someone else could enjoy this more than myself! Had it for about 2 years and I`ve picked up a 85 JDM Civic already.

08-10-2012, 06:00 PM
Replaced an 3rd gen Celica with a Civic? I'm offended, honestly.