View Full Version : Happy Day it was!

05-02-2012, 05:25 AM
Hi guys!

Today was an amazing one: my boss accepted my offer to work from home. Boring you might think? Not for me! I love my job, but I hate this socialist province, so I'm moving out for good: bye bye Quebec!

I'm now thinking about 2 places to go: Lethbridge or Calgary. The first one seems to be cheaper to live in at first sight, but there's no one I know out there and, as I work for a small startup business as an Algoritmic Trading Software developer and we had rough times lately, I might have better opportunities in Calgary for IT jobs, if the business slows down again.

My only concern is finding a decent yet affordable place to live, not very easy from the distance right now, renting a place without visiting, meeting the owner/manager, and hand-over the DD, I guess I'll have to get a hotel room for a few days and find a rent once I'm there.

Anyone can tell me places in Calgary where rents might be cheaper?

So with that, I'm not tagging myself as participating in the Oggopogo run, as I don't know my arrival date yet, but chances are I'll be there and finally meet some of you, pis vous sortir des expressions typiques de chez nous! :cheesy:

Later, time to go to sleep now. :sleeping: