View Full Version : Couple of videos from last weekend's racing

04-14-2012, 10:46 PM
First off, front wheel drive 101: Never lift mid corner unless you wanna spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :no:

Race 1:
I've managed to delete this off my memory card :bananachair: Quite gutted. After a disappointing qualifying started 11th. Managed to fight up to 9th despite being run off the track 3 times. Pity I lost the footage because there was some epic battles and the group of 4 cars I was running with didnt have the same order for any 2 consecutive laps.

Race 2:

Full dry settings (shagged tyres on the back @ ~50psi, full stiff rear dampers, full stiff rear arb). Heavens opened whilst in the holding area. Changed the dampers and tyre pressures but still bugger all rear tread and stiff ARB. Oh well, out we went! Made up a couple of places from 9th to 7th. It was proper finger tip driving trying to feel the grip. [I put the wipers on 30s in before anyone says it! Still, gives a pretty good representation of what visibility was like :eek4: ]

Race 3:
Again no footage, this time because my camera ran out of memory. Beyond gutted about that. Car developed a misfire on the out lap and went down to 3 cylinders. Couldnt clear it myself with switching off and isolating so had to pit. So, pit lane start, pouring with rain but running full wet settings, 26th to 8th :bpuking:

04-15-2012, 01:46 AM