View Full Version : Disassembly of e153

03-29-2012, 04:56 PM
I'm looking at the BGB pages for the disassembly of the e153 transmission. I vaugely remember I had to fuck with the oil cooler line, do I need to remove anything to pull it apart?

03-30-2012, 03:59 PM
I found my BGB on it, I don't see any issue. The gear puller I used last time failed though and broke :( Sending the wife off to Harbor Freight to pick up a gear puller kit.


That should do the trick this time.

03-31-2012, 01:06 AM
Wow...so yeah I totally over-thought the situation.

Simply followed the BGB pages and It was stripped in less than an hour. issue detected as soon as i pulled the shift rods. But nobody has the parts in stock. I hear a junkyard calling my name....