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03-06-2012, 08:15 PM
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

My Name's Dusan and I am the proud new owner of a 2001 Celica! (at 19 years old too!)

I'm also a Rover 800 Enthusiast (Sterling 827 for the Folks across the pond!)

I am thoroughly enjoying the Celica, coming from a big luxobarge like the Rover it's incredible, for a FWD it handles pretty darn well!

It's got a few niggles but it is 11 years old and done 98K!

I'm Pretty handy with a set of tools, done lots of work from simple sill repair to complete engine swaps.

Job's to do:

New Clutch
New Backbox
Refurb all 4 alloys
3x new tyres (2x for the rear 1x spare)

Now I know the 1zz-fe has oil burning issues, I check the Oil EVERY time I fill up and so far have not noticed any drop in level. Hopefully it is within the Toyota figures of 1l/600 miles, time will tell.

If/When it decides to start drinking oil by the gallon I'll investigate dropping in a 190hp 2zz-fe from a later 03> model

No pictures at the moment but when I have time I'll pop them up :-)