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01-23-2012, 10:00 AM
Its always been easy to track down the pinout locations of the ECU, but also on the engine harness are two larger but equally important connectors that go to the body harness...

It was important for me to know the purpose of each of these connectors because I am attempting to streamline my entire wiring harness, and make it "better" than OEM. I also am running a fully standalone engine management system, and it was important that I figure out what some of these connections were for so that I could retain complete stock functionality. Two of the pins are unknown... I searched through the whole of the wiring diagram and I could not find any mention of IG2 pin3 or pin17... I know the white-red wire goes to the check connector, and I believe the same for the white-blue wire... so they arent that important, but ill just make sure to reconnect them back in the same way I found them. CKC means check connector, and some of them I dont know what they mean, but I can tell you where they go and speculate on what their purpose is, really the most confusing seems to be the white-blue series of wires that go to the cruise, coil, CKC, and airbags.

Anyways, here are the pin numbers for the two connectors as described in the BGB (you are looking at the ones labeled IG1 and IG2). Note that the numbers reflect as if you are looking into the open end of the female connector.

http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/5940/cowlwires.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/546/cowlwires.jpg/)

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Below are the descriptions of most every pin. I had to spend quite a bit of time tracking all of these buggers down in the wiring diagrams, but here it is nice and compiled for you.

PIN------Description----------Wire color

1-----------NOT USED------------
2------IDL (TPS switch)------Pink
3------Speed sensor---------Blue
4------A/C Switch----------- Black-White
5-----------NOT USED------------
6------VR3 (Cruise)----------Green-Black
7------VR1 (Cruise)----------Green
8------MC (Cruise)-----------Red-Green
9-----------NOT USED------------
10----------NOT USED------------
12-----Oil Light (Gauge)-----Yellow-Black
13-----Water Temp (Gauge)-Yellow-Green
14-----Tach (Gauge)--------Black
15-----Turbo Pres (Gauge)--Red-White
16-----L (Cruise)----------- Green-Black
17-----VR2 (Cruise)---------Green-Red
18-----MO (Cruise)----------Pink-Black

PIN------Description----------Wire color

1-----------NOT USED------------
2-----------NOT USED------------
3------Unknown CKC?--------White-Blue
4------Backup light sw. in----Red-Blue
5------Fuel Cut--------------Green
6------TC CKC---------------White-Blue
7------+12V Battery----------Pink
8-----------NOT USED------------
9-----------NOT USED------------
10----------NOT USED------------
11----------NOT USED------------
12-----Airbag CKC------------Brown
13-----Backup light sw. out---Red-Black
14-----Ground (Gauge)--------Brown
15-----IG from alternator------Black-Red
16-----Battery light-----------Yellow
17-----Unknown CKC----------White-Red
18-----+B Switched power----Black-Yellow
19-----Fuel Pump CKC--------Blue-Black
20-----Starter switch---------Black

I can get a more accurate description of two unknown CKC wires later, i just dont really feel like ohming out my check connector at the moment...

02-19-2015, 09:13 PM
I would imagine it be the same for the non turbo models except without the extras a turbo will have like the turbo gauge ect.
Kinda wish i found this earlier its useful jaja