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I just would like to introduce my self..
My name is Chris, I just turned 35 and modifying import cars has been an obsession of mine since I was around 14. I have owned a few performance Toyota cars in my days (1985 Celica GT-S, 1986 Corolla GT-S, and a 1986.5 Supra) as well as some other unique performance cars from other manufactures ranging from Nissans to Honda, Mitsubishi, to some Volkswagons.
Currently working a 1991 Galant VR4 and my pearl the 4th Gen 1988 Celica Alltrac..
I have owned the car for a little over a year now, and have had many troubles with the car as far as modification.. some of it was due in part to me trusting some well known MR2 specialist.. However the car is in near mint condition and only has 74000 miles on it.. Currently the car has an upgraded CT26 on a basically all stock engine.
I am in the military and stationed at Ft. Drum NY. The car however is in
storage in Louisiana. At one point I almost gave up on the car, though it was just too nice and rare of a car to let go just yet. Not to mention how comfortable and roomy 80's model Toyota's are!

My plans are to create a custom exhaust manifold and install a more efficient turbo than the CT26.
Plans also include creating either a very unique front mount intercooler and piping setup that would allow retention of the fog lights and crash bar.. or .. a nicely effecient air to water system.

I currently have the Hydra EMS through KO racing and I am awaiting the free upgrade to 2.7 to return to me. (( I will post a full review of my experience with the Hydra and KO Racing)) Currently ST165+$2400 All Options Hydra= Fail. If 2.7 is not better... we'll see.

I must say though the Alltrac is quite a unique car, and I will most likely enjoy it even more once I get it running again.


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Welcome! Post some pics when you get a chance :)

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Aw' G'day