View Full Version : I just spent an hour with a big ratchet.....

11-18-2011, 02:42 AM
Looks like my transmission is ok after all (knocks on wood).

It wasn't going into gear as smoothly as it was prior to the RWD -> FWD conversion. It would take an act of god to get it into any gear.

I pulled off the transmission mount, removed all the linkage (except for the shaft) and pulled out the retainer bolt & breather valve.

Grabbed some properly sized bolts and over-sized thread repair things (sleeved basically), secured it where it belongs & made sure everything lined up. I was able to get it into 4th and 3rd once in a while.

Started turning the tranny by moving the wheels and bit by bit each gear started working slowly. It should be just fine now, just need to lube it up with some gear oil & I should be all set.

What's the recommended weight for it again (I'm going to do a synthetic oil? Also I remember something about a friction modifier that I should mix in with it also