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11-14-2011, 05:37 PM
Typical rambling post. Please forgive. Different info from all the research resources and first time with a dead ignition coil on a Celica. I was sure it was on the firewall like on my 90 all trac.

She died driving down the street, had to have it towed to a shop to check the engine code. They say its the ignition coil. They said I have the type of coil that is inside the distributor. According to wikipedia pic of the 5SFE the ignition coil is up on the firewall, but I know that mine does not have it there. When searching for the part online all the pics are off the external firewall coil, but the descriptions say its inside the dist cap? What the heck? Was there a revision or something during 1994 were they could have come with 2 different types of ignition coils? This is weird.

In this pic of the 5SFE the coil is on the firewall top right of pic, black box underneath the other metal colored unit.

But I have a pic of my engine and its not there so I must have the internal coil.

All I can think to explain this is there was a change during the model year or something. If you image search the part number SIUF111 you will get pics of both the internal and external coils. Weird.
Any thoughts?

New info edit: my 94 chiltons said that it is in the distributor and it looks like the parts I saw online. So sure I have the internal, still dont know why I dont have the black box on the firewall. Also was confused by the image searches showing the box-ish shaped one and the long thin tubular unit whatever that is.

11-14-2011, 06:08 PM
Yeah, all 6th gens have the rev2 motor. So the coil is internal. Same goes for 92/93 5th gens. I think I have a distributor from a 6th gen down in my shop. If I do you can have it. IF I don't then I will get you a coil from pull-a-part tomorrow. They have a 6th gen there that I want the transmission out of. Just let me know.

11-15-2011, 06:44 AM
Thanks for the offer. Since it was internal, logistics of getting it home from the shop to fix, and its pretty cold here, just had the shop do it. If it had been summer woulda waited till I could get a friend to help pull it home and did myself. I did find and fix a vac leak on my all trac today so she is sucking and blowing again. Feel pretty good about that.