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10-19-2011, 11:40 PM
I wanted this to be its own thread, I make too many references to it

1. the heater hose that goes into the side of the head should come from a GT-S, the GT hose is shorter than i would like. the other heater hose with the big dip in it is just fine.

2. the GT passenger motor mount works with the GT-S bracket that bolts to the block. so that is the only 2ZZ part that you need, ill post a picture when i get done. of what it looks like.

3. while the 1ZZ harness seems to work, using a 2ZZ harness will make the swap so much cleaner. things like the injectors run is a little different. If you wanted to go crazy, then you could cut open the harness and reshape the hard cover around the wires.

4. you definitely need the 2ZZ down-pipe that connects to the header. the 1ZZ is too small and the bolt holes don't line up.


Here you can see the crank position sensor and the knock sensor run behind the oil dipstick tube. Don't use the clips on the dipstick to hold the plugs, they are not long enough.


Here you can see the injector harness. Everything fits and lines up but it will be a little tight


This is the GT motor mount bolted up to the 2ZZ engine mount on the passenger side. you will need the black engine mount when you do this swap. The body mount from the GT can still be used here.


Here you see the side of the head and lift actuator. on a GT-S the ECU grounds are bolted to the lift actuator. because the harness isn't quite long enough there is a good spot on the valve cover to put them. is right under the fuel rail line. You can also see the heater hose going into the side of the head. The one in the picture is from a GT-S since i had extra parts. the GT hose is not long enough.

You can also see the Lift OCV and the oil pressure sensor for lift. These are the two plugs you need to order. the part number for them are
90980-11162, 90980-11363 for the plugs and the pigtails are 82998-12440. You need 3 pigtails. The part number for the pigtails that go into the ECU plugs are 82998-12740 and you need 3 of these too. When they come in ill post pics and how to install them


This is the coil part of the harness. Again you can see that it does work but the holes to mount it to the valve cover do not fit. Its not too ugly, but if you open the harness up you can make it look cleaner.


This is the GT SRI. it also works with a long enough coupler to the 2ZZ throttle body.


1. the plugs needed for the lift actuator OVC and oil pressure sensor are, 11162 and 11363. tell those numbers to a parts guy and he should be able to get them. As soon as i get them ill post the actual part numbers and where to plug them into the ECU plugs.






2. the hose to the brake booster is much different between the GT and GT-S. you need to go to autozone or wherever and get about 2 feet of 5/16 hose and run a new line from the booster to the throttle body. Ill take a pic of this too when i get the plugs done.

3. Since i dont have the Lift OCV plugged in its throwing a CEL for 1690 and 1692. That doesnt stop you from driving the car. just keep the RPMs below 6000 and you will be fine.

4. Im using the GT alternator too. no promelms at all

5. You do need the throttle cable from the cruise control to the throttle body from a GT-S also

ok i discovered something new. The car was running a little crappy, at full throttle the engine was doing nothing. and it bogged really bad. well after some digging and experimenting, and thanks to Boosted2.0 also, I discovered that the GT and GT-S TPS (throttle position sensor) are wired backwards. so at idle the ECU saw 90% throttle. so here is what you have to do

remove the TPS plug.



This is looking into the plug


you need something like this to pry out the white pin lock. its not supposed to come all the way out but it makes the job much easier, just pull it out.




What you need to do is swap the red and brown wires. after pulling out the white lock use the pointy tool to lift the tab holding in the wire pin.



This is the GT configuration, you need to swap the red and brown wires.

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Nice write up as always thanks Smaay

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Smaay, you are a 7th gen god. Thank you so much.

(I will be using some of your info in the coming months, so if you see a PM from me asking for your paypal, its because I want to buy you some beer. Check?)