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10-11-2011, 09:18 PM
On my 92 Celi, with a stock 5sfe, i turned it into a 5sfte, was running fine for over a year. Then, at the beginning of december last year, my car died due to improper tuning. (i was attempting to street tune myself) ended up blowin the piston rings in cyl #1 and part of the piston. Took her apart that same night and decided i was going to build her up once again, even if it took me a year to finish her up. Slowly, i started buying all the parts and storing them in my closet, and selling what i didnt need. well i am almost finished putting her back together. this weekend, my brother and I assembled the block. ill post pics later today of all the parts that made it in. i still need some more parts, that i will hopefully be getting within the next few weeks.

Two weeks ago, I took the 5s block, crank and flywheel, along with the set of Pauter rods and CP pistons to get balanced at City Motor Supply here in Dallas. They checked it, magnafluxed, new freeze plugs, well, the whole job......

this Saturday morning, woke up early and went to go pick it all up, came home and file fitted the rings to spec as specified by CP. installed the ARP main bolts, ACL Race Bearings, dropped in the crank. Put the rings on the pistons, pistons on the rods, and dropped them in with the Kings bearings, as well as the rear main seal.

The proceeded to torque everything down as specified by ARP. well i test fitted the oil pan, and noticed two ARP main bolts were too long and wouldn't let the oil pan sit properly, and i didnt want to put the stock main bolts back in, so i shaved down two main bolts and put them back in, torqued them down, and problem solved....

Next we installed a JDM 3sgte oil pump with a 5s gear. Oil pickup and baffle cover. Then finally the oil pan, sealed it up with black gasket silicone from Nissan. Installed the water pump and hard coolant lines along with the oil water cooler and filter relocate block.

To be Continued.......

10-12-2011, 03:34 AM
where the pics at?

Jesus what a noob. lol


10-12-2011, 05:22 AM
it wont let me upload pics, been tryn for the past hour!!!

10-12-2011, 04:54 PM
it wont let me upload pics, been tryn for the past hour!!!

Use photobucket.