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Hi, Im Martin. New to all these forums but found the peps on here have all the answers. Valuable source of information.
Driving a 96, 18i A3/FE Its a great car but its got to the age where every thing is going wrong, It just failed the MOT on Emissions As the c/o was to high. Suppose to be 3% but was more like 6%, The Hc were in line but the Lambda failed as well so now I have changed the Lambda with a new one and a second hand mapping sensor, Took it back and it was still no better. SO it looks like I need a new Cat. It sucks having to keep paying out on a car I picked up cheep.

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Warranty:12 Months
System Code:TOY5006
Fitment:Toyota Celica AT200 1.8 Petrol
Year Range:7/1995 to 8/1999
Body Type:Any
Category:Catalytic Converters
Additional Info:AT200
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>Delivery or collection from one of our 14 depots?
61.29 ex VAT

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High CO with low hydrocarbons and NOx will argue for a bad O2 sensor (believe that'd be the lambda you mentioned), but before you buy a new catalytic converter have your air-fuel ratio checked. High AFR can lead to high CO, low HC/NOx condition as well (they're related, the O2 sensor tells the ECU how to manage the AFR).

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