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10-05-2011, 12:13 AM
When I first swapped my motor in I wasn't able to source a transmission mount so I had to build one. When I welded it up and installed it I noticed my measurement was a bit off and it caused my motor to be slightly misaligned. Which was not good.

I ran across a 5th Gen GT at PaP last week and snatched the the mount and mounting plate from the trans. Much to my surprise the transmission mount was new.

So I installed it and while I was at it I decided to install my other Speed Source solid mount on the rear of the engine. I already had the one on the front.

So while I had the cross members off I also decided to tackle an ever bigger problem. My leaking steering rack. I've been avoiding it for some time now and I've had the new rack in my shop for months now. If I let it go any longer the fluid would have caked on and destroyed all of my bushings. It had already made a mess of my under carriage and I like a clean car. Nothing a pressure washer didn't fix though.

So yeah, replacing a steering rack is a bit of a pain. It took me close to six hours to replace the rack and install the mounts.

I also made a plastic cover for the driver's side of the engine bay. I wanted to hide my wires and various vacuum lines going to the boost gauge and EBC.

You can see in the first pic how the motor was not squared up very well with my custom trans mount. Use the exhaust manifold heat shield and radiator as a reference point.



This is with the new mounts and plastic cover installed. Plus some much needed cleaning.


I can say that having both solid mounts made a hell of a difference. Power gets right to the road now and the cars feels so much faster. Definitely would recommend Speed Source mounts as a first upgrade on any car.

Does anyone here have the Speed Source cross member bushings installed? I'm thinking about getting them too.

10-05-2011, 02:33 AM
I've got both.
Definitely feels better, especially if your old ones are worn out.