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09-14-2011, 08:33 PM
Hey guys, bit of a newbie here. I've read as many threads as I can, but still not totally sure of which 5SFE's have the solid lifters. I have talked with Delta cam and while not interested in putting a serious monster in the car I could use a few more HP to push the car up the bigger hills. Or just pull the car around when fully loaded on a weekend road trip.

Delta Suggested the solid lifter's for cores. Does that sound about right? that it would be the best core to use for my 91 GT Coupe? If so near as I can tell the Solid Lifter's came in the 92+ 5SFE's? Is that correct as well?

What other visual q's should I be looking for to tell I have the right cam's at a pnp?


09-14-2011, 09:04 PM

I can understand that you are new to this, and not familiar with engines, or how they operate, but a cam manufacturer should understand at least the basics.

Lifters are what ride on the cam of a single cam engine, and transfer that motion to a pushrod, which transfers the motion to a rocker, which pushes down on the valve opening it. These are used on pushrod engines, NOT overhead cam engines (which 99.995% of all Japanese engines produced are). With an overhead cam engine, the cams either act directly on the rocker, or the valves themselves... In other word, there are no lifters on a 5S-FE of any year/generation or style!

While I don't expect you to know this, if a cam manufacturer doesn't, you should RUN LIKE THE WIND, don't look back, as they have their head so far up their asses that there's no return.

As for power... There's not much you can do to gain any TRUE performance from a 5S-FE, it's an economy engine, and until you do something MAJOR like swapping the head, or something else quite expensive, you're only going to gain a few non-noticeable horsepower with various levels of expense.

09-14-2011, 09:21 PM
Yup, I know those basics, but my engine knowledge is mostly limited to Suzuki Samurai's and even then, pretty basic info. I'm pretty good with my hands, tools, and can read manuals and follow insturctions pretty well:)

hmmm, I'd inquired of Delta as i'd read about them on here as I recall, but it may have been one of those "other" forums i've been to.

Here is what they actually said in email, in case it shed's more light, or helps at all.


"Yes, we have a couple of grinds. Do you know if yours is solid or hydraulic lifter? They came both ways. Solid cam cores are better for either engine as the base circle is bigger to start with. If you only have hyd. then we have to weld and grind which runs $150.00 per cam."

09-16-2011, 02:23 AM
Sounds like they were just being too lazy to look it up. :) 5sfe is solid lifters as he said. If yours is a rev1 5sfe (5 spark plug wires, round covers and cold start injector) then you can get a set of cams from a 92-99 Camry, 93-99 Celica, 93-95 MR2 or 96-99 Rav4 and send them in as cores. The later cams have more base circle so they will have more meat to work with. If you have a rev2 5sfe (4 wires, square covers and PCV valve) then you will have to go with the hard welds to get any major increase in duration. Ask for a grind with somewhere around 218-222 degrees of duration at 0.050", 0.310-0.330" lift and 108-110 degree lobe centers. Oh and they will be grinding to a 1.1" base circle if you start with rev2 cams. Those are ranges I am listing not a specific specification. If you get in those ranges you will be able to just install them and go with no tuning or other mods. You will need to press the gears off to ship them and then back on when you get them back.

As for the comment about "There's not much you can do to gain any TRUE performance from a 5S-FE", seriously go read the sticky at the top of this forum. You can make more power then a gen2 3sge with just some bolt-ons and if you are mechanically inclined and willing to spend what it costs to swap in a different engine you can go a good deal higher. The 5sfe can quite easily be made into a "Performance" engine with some reasonable time and money.

09-17-2011, 12:14 AM
Thanks MrTurrari, pretty sure it is a Rev1, since it's a 91 GT that is as stock as stock get's. I'll be visiting the pnp to see what I can come up. I'm not in a hurry to get this done she runs fine as is. As I stated, I don't need a monster, just a little more grunt up the hills and when loaded down for a weekend getaway.

I've read most of your posts, so thanks for the input!