View Full Version : 3rd gen 3sgte swap questions

09-13-2011, 01:58 AM
hi guys, im going to do the swap to my 92 gt after my failed 5sfte venture. after reading about mannys and dustins cars over on 6gc making a little over 300 whp on the stock turbo and fuel system im pretty sure that the 3rd gen would be a better choice then the 2nd gen. I was looking into getting an engine and was wondering what else i need to get besides the engine itself? i dont want to buy a clip cause all the parts would be for the wrong chassis. could i get away with just buying the engine/harness/ecu and then gather up any other missing parts i would need, i know that the heat exchanger and pump wouldnt probably come with just the engine. could i just buy an aftermarket heat exchanger and pump? and is there anything else important i should look for when looking at an engine? i was planning at looking at motors down at jdm engine zone in new jersey, i have a friend who has bought about 10 honda engines with them and has always had good luck with them. or can anybody else recommend a good place to buy an engine from? thanks in advance guys, your the best! and youve always been a big help and a great resource for me.