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09-09-2011, 07:30 PM
Back story on Storm Trooper.

Bought it for $500. Previous owner was planning to rally race the car. Rear interior from the seats back was stripped out. No seats, panels, carpet, etc. I raided Jasmine to fill the interior out due to needing a car to drive around town and have the kiddos in it.

The suspension was horrible when I bought it. Bottoming out, creaking, clunking and groaning. Pricing out a suspension overhaul I was coming up around $500-600 in parts (shocks, struts, mounts, etc). A few weeks ago I found an ebay auction with a guy selling a set of Megan Coilovers for a 90-93 GT/GTS along with various suspension components. I just won said auction the same price of buying new OE parts from RockAuto.

Most of the extra compoents will fit, however some do not. My research and measurements taken from the seller and members here as well as my own measurements of my 87 and 89 GTS suspension components appear to be right on. The only difference I can find between the st182 and st162 suspension is the front strut->hub bolts are larger. This can be resolved by either a bracket to fill out the holes, or drilling the hubs out to accept the slightly larger bolt size.

I will have all the parts in next weekend and hopefully I can have the suspension done over the weekend. Chances are this will NOT happen, but I know I can at least get teh coilovers installed in an hour or two (depending on how stuck the bolts are..).

05-17-2012, 02:40 PM
Which this never happened.

The day the box of parts arrived, the car was wrecked.