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09-09-2011, 12:32 AM
New guy located in the Seattle area with a 91 GT, 106k on it, garaged it's whole life so in really really nice shape inside and out.

Working on fixing up a few things. It had the driver's side hinge broken, welded and fixed that up, then soaked the crap outta the hinges with some silicone lubricant. Runs really smooth now.

Has the front "carbon" long piece broken. Not looking forward to buying a new one of those, but used ones seem so hard to find at a reasonable price.

Would like a bit more grunt, but nothing extreme so I've already picked up a Camry header to put on. Debating getting some core cams from the pap.

Suggestions always appreciated.


09-09-2011, 05:30 AM

Color? Hatch? Wheels? (you'll eventually need pics on here)

What are your goals for the car? Do you want power, reliability auto-x? Do you need a well handling daily or a weekend toy?

When you figure out your goals (or tell us) we can definitely lay down some awesome ideas. This is your ultimate Celica resource.

Then I recommend upgrading things in this order:

Brakes (examples: 92''-93' larger calipers, rear disc, braided lines, DOT 4 fluid)
Suspension (examples: springs, struts, wheels, strut tower bars, sway bars)
Engine (examples: swap, header, intake, mild grind cams, injectors)

Again, what you end up doing and spending, comes down to your goals. That is the best way we can help!

09-09-2011, 09:06 PM
Welcome! I always want pics of new member's cars...

09-10-2011, 02:04 AM
I always want pics of new members...


09-10-2011, 03:39 AM
If they're chicks, yes.

09-12-2011, 08:04 PM
Hey everyone... thanks for the welcome.

I have one pic I think up in my gallery now you should be able to see. If not, let me know, I need to take some more anyways:)

cbb, It's a Red Coupe, and as stock as it is, had some decent, looking anyways, Rims on it. Some ADR things. The car was in really really really clean condition for a 20 year old ride.

Eh, it'll mostly be a DD, with some road trip action here and there. So reliability for sure, but I would like a little more grunt going up and down the hills/mountains we have in the PNW especially when I have the extra weight of my girl, and weekend clothes, etc. The header and an Exhaust will be cheap enough since I can weld it all up myself and the camry header only cost about 25$ from the pnp.

I probably need to do some work on the Brakes or Suspension around the same time. It does have a "moaning" or "groaning" sound occasionally when I switch between reverse and forward, or vice versa, but only when at full turn. Sounds like the PS pump might be having some issues. Also I get a bit of a "popping popcorn" like sound when coming to a stop, but it seems to be isolated to the Suspension, as I can step on the brake and let if off fast and get some off noises out of the front end too.

I'll probably get some of those Megan Coilovers at some point, but have to figure out the above issues first.

I've looked into some Delta Cams since Tacoma isn't too far away. I think they want about 150$ a cam, but recommended the cams with solid lifters. I'm not sure which year's of the 5S have those. I've looked over a crap ton of threads, but can't seem to lock that data down, so if someone knows for sure which years, that'd help me to rip some out of the pnp for cores.

A/C is also a priority, the clutch doesn't seem to do anything when I turn the A/C on/off, so i'm guessing the compressor is shot, but haven't done much to investigate other than that. My girl was hating it when we cruised to eastern wa on saturday in the 90+ heat they had out there, heh.

There was a pretty old thread about some guy making newer carbon parts, but I haven't seen anything in person. Anyone know if that guy's still making them? or seen some examples?