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09-07-2011, 04:45 AM
I can confirm that the Ring and Pinion from the C56 and C160 will fit in the s54 transmission. I've also done some runs in my car as well.


Since the differentials are interchangeable the pinion and gears are as well.

S54 Final Drive : 4.176

C56 (7th gen gt celica and MR2 Sypder) Final Drive : 4.312

C160 (Corolla Levin BZ-R 6 speed Helical LSD) and C60 (7th Gen Celica GT-S without LSD) : 4.529

You can buy these here at http://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/index.php?cPath=25_181

Also Available are KAAZ 4.600 and 4.800 ring and pinion.

Jubu Racing also offers a 5.0 ring and pinion set for $2,000 which is way too much.

09-07-2011, 04:46 AM
I came up with these calculations can anybody back this up?? I got the information from this link : http://www.rubydist.com/Family/Power.html

this is what I read from the link, and how I came up with the calculations:

A second way to improve acceleration is to put a higher (numerically) ratio final drive in the vehicle. The torque available at the drive wheels is the engine torque multiplied by the transmission ratio multiplied by the final drive ratio. Let's just use some hypothetical numbers to make the math easy. Let's say for an example that the engine has 200 lb-ft of torque all across the usable speed range (a gross oversimplification); let's have a final drive ratio of 3:1, a rolling radius of 1.25' (15" radius, 30" diameter tire); and let's say that the transmission ratios are 3:1 (1st), 2:1 (2nd), 1.5:1 (3rd), 1:1 (4th), and .75:1 (5th). So, the torque available at drive wheels in first gear is 200 (engine torque) x 3 (first gear ratio) x 3 (final drive ratio) = 1800 lb-ft. (The force at the point where the drive wheels contact the road is a total of 1800 lb-ft / 1.25 ft (rolling radius) = 1440 lb.) If we change the final drive ratio to 4:1, the first gear torque will be 200 x 3 (first gear ratio) x 4 (final drive ratio) = 2400 lb-ft. This is a 33% increase in drive wheel torque, and it will result in dramatically improved acceleration. (It will also increase engine speed on the highway, resulting in lower fuel mileage, increased noise & engine wear, and a lowered top speed of the vehicle.) The final drive ratio has no effect on the horsepower of the vehicle, but it does affect the torque available to the drive wheels.

My Mathematics skills says:

Stock S54 Gear Ratios:

1st : 3.285
2nd: 1.960
3rd: 1.322
4th: 1.028
5th: .820
Final Drive: 4.176

Using this equation, (engine torque) x 3 (first gear ratio) x 3 (final drive ratio) = # of pounds. Then # of pounds / rolling tire radius in feet = gives you # of wheel torque. I believe I have this written out right in my own words.

I am using my current 205/45R16 tire size setup. So here is the difference in torque.

Final Drive 4.176 (Stock S54) = 1083.20 pounds

Final Drive 4.529 (7th Gen Celica GT-S) = 1174.63 pounds

Final Drive 4.800 (KAAZ Ring and Pinion) = 1245.05 pounds

Increase in torque from 4.176-4.529 is 8.45%.
Increase in torque from 4.529-4.800 is 6.00%
Increase in torque from 4.176-4.800 is 15.45%

So that means with a 4.8 final drive in your s54 transmission you will gain 23 lbs ft torque??

and with my current setup I'm getting an additional 12.8 lbs ft torque. or is this just nonsense???

09-12-2011, 01:28 PM
From my experience (JDM), the diff ratios on 3S-GE are -
S53 = 4.17
S54 = 3.9

Dunno about the FE engined boxes but I fail to see why anyone would want to go higher than 4.17.
My 4.17 got dumped as I seldom used 1st gear and the revs were over 3000rpm in 5th at 100km/h.

Most racers would go the opposite route and install a lower final ratio, making the gears longer and using a lower gear
usually equates to more power at the same speed, less gear changes and quicker lap times

09-12-2011, 06:56 PM
^You're backwards

Shorter gearing to use a more defined power band (most NA cars). Turbo vehicles are usually ok with running longer ratios due to higher torque and larger power bands.

So yes, with shorter ratios it will accelerate faster in a given gear, but you'll have to shift sooner/more often and you'll be at a higher rpm during normal street driving.

I run an S54 in my 5th generation celica for the shorter gearing. Works for something not for others.

09-13-2011, 06:21 AM
ya thank you korean joy. Shorter gearing is ideal for N/A vehicles. I've seen many if not all best motoring videos on youtube and they run the same setup on their race cars. IE Honda Civics and Integra to be specific.

Final Drive for S54 in Japan/America : 4.176
Final Gear for S54 in Europe : 3.9