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09-06-2011, 12:17 AM
Hi everyone, new to the board and hoping to glean some info to help me with my car. Here's my obligatory adherence to the rules:

Name: Dave
Age: 37
Occupation: Machinist/welder/landscaper
Location: Shuswap area of BC
Cars owned (Year, Make, Model, Trim, Modifications, etc.): Oh man, not even going to start. I've had almost 50 vehicles but my Celica is the reason I joined Celicatech.

My latest addition is a '92 All trac (lhd, not jdm) with the engine (& ecu), trans and rear diff swapped out of a CS model. I bought the car with the work already done but there are a few bugs to work out.
If someone has any pointers here I'd be grateful...the car runs well but it idles like an STI, like it's got a miss. It doesn't smell gassy and the plugs are fine. At higher rpm it seems fine, sometimes it idles well but rough when it warms up. Thanks for any help.

09-06-2011, 12:48 AM
Rough idle suggestions usually target cleaning the idle air control valve.

09-06-2011, 01:38 AM

Be sure to check out the factory service manuals (or BGB's) on here. http://bgbonline.celicatech.com/

09-06-2011, 06:15 AM
Thanks for the welcome and advice. I have searched already, but the miss is very definitely in one cylinder...as I said it sounds like an STI at idle and lower rpm's.

09-06-2011, 06:51 AM
You've determined that one specific cylinder is misfiring, or that only one cylinder at a time misfires?

09-06-2011, 07:15 AM
One specific cylinder; if I put my hand behind the muffler, the pulse is rhythmic and not erratic as in a fluctuating problem. I haven't had time to unplug injectors, but it's as if one isn't firing properly.

Edit: the ECU is definitely not the original, as there are cut and spliced wires on the plugs. The AFM is larger than the one on my parts car, too. Just thinking now, is it possible that an injector pulse signal wire from the computer doesn't have a good connection, or would that throw a check engine code?

09-07-2011, 02:12 AM
Welcome! You just missed our annual meet in Vernon. Next year. ;)

As for your issue - they probably used the CS ECU and AFM (which is larger), which probably necessitated a few wires swapped around.

I'd start with the usual maintenance things, cap/plugs/rotor/plug wires, see if any oil might be seeping through the valve cover gasket onto the plugs. Check the connections at the injectors. Check error codes. Check that no injectors are stuck. Keep going from there.

09-07-2011, 04:51 AM
Thanks ChrisD (and everyone else), Yeah my buddy in Mission was extolling the virtues of Ogopogo and unfortunately I missed it. Next year for sure, I think I'll keep this car for a while.

As for the maintenance on the car, it's got mostly new parts since the swap was done last year and driven very little. I will check the wiring to make sure it's soldered and not just twisted together (ugh), then check the injectors. Actually, that's the first thing I'll do.

On a side note...I have a complete running '91 GT-Four as well. It has a Sard Analyse ecu in it. Anyone have a clue if this is a better ecu than the CS? I've done a search and nobody has any info whatsoever on it. Thanks.

09-08-2011, 01:09 AM

I figured I'd do a comp test before anything else. What did I find? 205, 205, 205, 70.


09-08-2011, 04:46 AM
Well, better to have a diagnosis than to spend money for nothing...just keep telling yourself that.

09-08-2011, 05:39 AM
Haha yeah...well I did a wet test with minimal increase. Next step is pull the head and check for a burned exhaust valve.