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09-04-2011, 04:27 PM
My name is Dean,
im 21, and have a an interest in cars that has been somewhat amplified of late due to my lack of ability to go to the gym of recent times.
I have a 1994 hyundai lantra GLS thats stock as a rock but does me proud, and i recently bought a 91 celica SX, with a 3SGE engine already in it, think its a gen1 but im no expert. has a few bits and pieces wrong with it, overheating is one thats causing me a pain but i should have her fixed in no time. ive ordered the 3SGE ECU for it as for some reason it was not fitted when the previous owner changed the engine..

my goal is to make this car my project. i have bought and ordered enough things to make the interior and exterior look rather spunky, and i have my eyes on a gt4 half cut as i want a 3SGTE in it. i would also like to get the engine up to 300 - 350hp, and a lot of the work will be done by me, my friends and my faithful step father who really is handy with just about everything.

any tips/info would be muchly appreciated!

09-04-2011, 05:18 PM
Welcome. Post up some pics of the motor.

If it is a Gen1 3sge then it would have to have the 3sge ECU to operate. The plugs wouldn't even fit the 4afe ECU.

09-05-2011, 01:08 AM