View Full Version : Celica <---> Camry Manual trans parts interchangeability

08-15-2011, 07:04 PM
So I have this pair of 1993 Camrys that I recently picked up as beaters. The one that has a nice body and a bad automatic transmission I am planning on making a respectable beater for my wife. The other one (with body damage) I am planning on making a winter "super beater" equipped with big fog lights, snow tires, roof rack, etc... Anyways you get the picture.

What I am thinking about doing is taking the good automatic out of the wrecked car and putting it in the good bodied car, Then I am considering getting a 5 speed for the "super beater". There are several 2.2 celicas in the junkyards around me, but no manual camrys. I couldnt find any good writeups on the swap, but I am assuming the s53/s54 will bolt up just fine, I am just wondering if the trans mount, master cyl, pedals, and cables will work from a celica or will I have to find the camry parts? Also what (if any) wiring will have to be done?

Like I said, I am just toying with the idea at this point and couldn't find any conclusive information either way for the camrys. I know its not technically a Celica, but similar enough I was hoping that someone here had some experience with that swap.

Or if there is one out there, can someone point me to a good writeup for the swap?