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07-30-2011, 06:02 AM
Hi kids!

I know there isn't a Celica to be seen in this entire thread, but there sure is a whole fleet of Celica Supras! And Supra Supras! And Super Supras! I figure you guys would appreciate this year's batch of photos from the event. It's a novel, so I apologize! This is my post from celicasupra.com.


A couple of weeks ago, Ryan (Funkycheeze) and I attended this year's Supra Nationals in Abbotsford, BC. As usual (for us) it started out as a bit of a gong show.

Ryan was fighting the clock and a postal strike in an attempt to install 660cc injectors, replace valve stem seals, and banish evil oil leaks for good (located at the oil pan and lower front timing cover.) We got lucky, and managed to get our hands on a Toyotool equivalent with enough time to get the engine back together and tuned before leaving the province. We were also dealing with a leaky rad that Ryan just managed to get sealed before we left.

We hit the road with plenty of time to spare, looking forward to hitting up the drag strip in Mission and hanging out with Seamus and all the other meet attendees. The car was running fabulously (especially considering the magnitude of the recent service), the weather was perfect... and then the needle on the temperature gauge starts rising.

At this point, we're just starting up Roger's Pass. We're about 100 kms from the nearest town.

Ryan pulls over before the needle gets into the red. As we come to a stop, there isn't any steam coming from under the hood - something you would definitely expect to see in an overheating car.

He pops the hood.

There is coolant everywhere, on everything in the engine bay. The turbo is covered in three-day-old Toyota Red. As I stare in horror at the mess, I begin to look at the radiator, to find out where it had all come from. As I glance down, the rad gives a mighty "blub blub blub," and what was left of the coolant gushes out of a massive hole near the bottom.

We figure the coolant dropped in about thirty seconds. As we stand at the side of the road, the realization that we're not going to make the meet - and that we're facing an extremely expensive tow back to Calgary - begins to sink in. It was at this point, that a large white truck pulls up beside us. "You guys need a tow?"

It turns out that the driver owns the tow company that operates on that section of the highway. He calls his closest truck for us, gives us the phone number for the Lordco in the nearest town (Revelstoke, about 100 kms away), recommends a couple of places to spend the night, and gave us the name of a shop (not that we needed one.) Our AMA membership has paid for itself for the next several years.

Just in case you were wondering, flatdecking a shiny mkii into the parking lot that services the only grocery store and auto parts shop in town WILL get you rather a lot of attention.



We figure that a rock (or something) bounced up into the cooling fan and broke off a chunk, which then decided it hated the radiator. And yes, there is PLENTY of clearance between the fan and the rad... but no undertray. Oops.

Also, for those with fibreglass or cf scooped hoods, the stock mkiii rad cap sits farther forward, and interferes with the scoop. Ask us how we know.

Overnight parts served us well, and we were on the road by 11:30 the next morning. Unfortunately, that meant that we missed out on the dyno event, and showed up just as the cruise was rolling out. Sorry guys. It was our fault!

As is my custom, I hung my head out of the window with a camera while Ryan went from car to car. The result is a whole bunch of photos that look pretty much the same, but I figure people would still enjoy seeing them. The lighting conditions weren't exactly ideal...

Same as last year, if anyone wants the high-res versions, I'll sell 'em for $10 (gotta pay for the camera somehow!)







Now, having just installed new injectors and missing out on the dyno... not to mention turning up the boost, we were understandably curious about the power output of Ryan's 7m. After a good solid run with Mark's mkii (which had just dynoed about 490 whp) we're even more curious. His car is about 200 lbs heavier, and we were neck and neck. As Ryan got up to about 6200 rpm, he was just barely starting to inch forward - and then we ran out of road. Time to book some dyno time here in town and finish tuning!









We stopped for gas at the Chevron, and explained to a bunch of people why we were so late... and showed off the tiny little stock mkiii radiator!


A mkiii arrived... and attracted a crowd. I was curious, so...



BAH HA HA HA HA HA - Actually, his hood latch had broken off. This seemed like an appropriate solution. After the cruise, our faithful MC followed us to Seamus' place, where our fabulous host welded it back together for him.


We pulled over at the same place as last year - tons of cars.



Now, the mosquitoes were horrific. Like, it was mosquitogeddon. That's why the dude in the grass is so badass. He sacrificed his body for that shot, or video, or whatever it was.


At this point, everyone started yelling "Bugs!", and we were off.


The next day was the show and shine. It was cloudy, so things weren't that shiny, but it still made for some decent photos. We rolled in around noon, and weren't the last people there. What can I say? Seamus hosts a damn good party.

Ryan touching up some rock chips with a paint pen.


Explaining how turbos function!


I need something like this in the engine bay of my 205.



I'm loving Seamus' broom handle hood support.



The following is one of my favourite shots from the meet...



Winner, blingiest engine bay!


This is where we play follow the intercooler piping... it goes down by the airfilter, then you can just see it along the top of the intercooler - it's like seven feet of tube. Crazy!




Ah, this car. BIG turbo.












As we got ready to leave, Seamus mentioned that having two scooped cars in one place was pretty rad... PHOTOSHOOT TIME!





Oh, also, you'll note that I've made good use of that mkii Supra banner font that someone posted up on celicasupra.com a couple years ago - thanks to whoever that was!

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Nice pics...and nice collection of Supra's

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Wow, well I guess you guys were pretty lucky to make it out of there after that. Otherwise looks like a great time! Awesome pics.

08-03-2011, 04:44 AM
beautiful cars!

The Captain
08-03-2011, 10:47 AM
Bugs! Don't eat 'em!