View Full Version : What do you think of this Turbo Compressor?

06-24-2011, 04:18 AM
What do you think? is this worth doing on a 2nd gen 3SGTE with St205 ECU, sensors, and injector upgrade? Can you just change the compressor and run with it or do you need to mod the turbine as well?


06-24-2011, 04:31 AM
Personally I tend to avoid ebay auctions that insist on changing THEfont SIZE and color when listing things for sale.

I've never heard of this type of upgrade either. Usually the whole turbo is replaced from what I've read.

06-24-2011, 06:10 AM
Just upgrading the compressor is pretty common and was the norm before the 20b gained a lot of popularity and then the ct27. Speaking from experience, a compressor upgrade alone does not make a significant difference. Also that compressor wheel is horribly mismatched for the turbo. Generally the largest you'd want to go is a 50 trim, maybe even a 46.

Also, "325 more H.P." is obviously BS. That would mean you'd be in the range of 600+ BHP on it. Umm....ya. Realistically you could probably hope for 15-20 hp at the very top with some losses in the low-mid range.

06-25-2011, 11:52 PM
For future reference stay away from companies that use words like "Mega" to up-sell their products. Instead, look into companies that have done the proper engineering and legwork that'll provide you with compressor maps, compressor specs, and dyno results of it working as it claims to interest you in buying it.

Also one must remember how a turbo actually works. The exhaust gasses and turbine is what drives the compressor wheel to push air into the engine. My guess is, that large of a wheel on a stock ct26 turbine will result in a massively laggy turbo, and depending on if there is an actual compressor map...you'll probably be dancing around the surge line. The Supra ct26 is a little more efficient and I don't know if any of the 7M guys have tried it...but even then, the compressor + supra ct26 alone would put you at the cost of a used 20B or a little more for a ct27.

Also, "325 more H.P." is obviously BS

Technically what they said is that the compressor wheel can support 325 more hp. And that is probably true. Attached to an appropriately sized turbine that can support that kind of flow, it may very well be able. But attached to a ct26, especially one off a 3sgte, you are right.

Also the name they gave that compressor upgrade sounds laughable. Stole from both MHI (technically greddy since MHI never made a t67) and garret's "R" nomenclature. Though I guess it could've just been a garret rip since they make a "t67" too.