View Full Version : Where and why did you put your gauges?

06-22-2011, 02:49 AM
I see others have installed them in the a-pillar (ChrisD), in the radio bezel (CrIsCo), in the dash (again ChrisD) and some just screw/secure them to the dash.

Is there any reason you did?

Reasoning behind question:
I'll be installing 3 gauges shortly. The two choices I see to install them at is the a-pillar (using a gauge pod) or in the radio bezel. I know some say the a-pillar distracts from your view, however I'm still leaning heavily toward the a-pillar.

I am horribly near sighted (as in I take off my glasses and I could be legally blind). Wearing glasses (either tinted or standard) my view is limited due to what I can see through my glasses, and then cross that line where I see nothing but blur. Trying to accommodate this, I sat in the drivers seat of both cars and realized the a-pillar allows me to glance at the area (similar to how you glance down at your cluster with only your eyes) and see the whole a-pillar and gauge faces. Trying to do this to the radio bezel I am instant fuzz (out of my glasses view).

I'm sure once I get contacts (and dear lord please lasik) this wouldn't be a problem. However, I have noticed I tend to not move my head much when driving except when merging or looking at opposing lanes of traffic to plan something. I'll sit there and only glance around within my line of vision in my glasses which includes gauge cluster, review mirror and driver side mirror. My rearview mirror is at such an angle I really do not need to use the passenger mirror.

So...curious as to where your aftermarket gauges are installed and why you picked that location?

06-24-2011, 04:11 PM
So I'm the only OCD nerd that actually thought this out?

06-24-2011, 04:37 PM
Probably lol.

I am installing 3 gauges in the dashboard on my Corolla cause I need to redo it anyway and I am not a big fan of pillar gauges.

Personnally I would say do the one that works best for you and your eye sight cause it's your car. And if one way makes it hard to use them, then whats the point of having them :)

06-24-2011, 05:20 PM
at first mine where in the a-pilliar but i moved them under the radio bc everyone was trying to race me and i got tired of that

06-25-2011, 03:39 AM
You probably need them in the A-pillar for visibility, most people opt for else where because they get tired of people trying to race.

06-25-2011, 03:59 AM
I'm not worried about people trying to race. I get that shit already driving the '87. Hopefully by the end of July I'll have the funds to order everything.....