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Aaron Willis
06-17-2011, 02:15 AM
More parts added to list 06/15/11

Many of you know that we have an outside source for some of the Gen3 and 20V parts that we can't get straight from Toyota. We've added the part numbers below to our inventory and we will continue to carry them as long as they are available to us and the demand warrants it. We have added these parts to our website so you can price them out and order them up online just like any other part. Here are the parts that we've added so far.

11115-88480 - Head gasket, Gen3
11213-88480 - Valve cover gasket (outer), Gen3
11214-88480 - Valve cover gasket (inner), Gen3
13505-88480 - Timing belt idler (no.1), Gen3
13540-88480 - Timing belt tensioner, Gen3
13568-79105 - Timing belt, Gen3
15100-88460 - Oil Pump, Gen3
15197-88460 - Oil pump gasket, Gen3
15197-88460 - Oil pump gasket, Gen3
16100-79236 - Water pump assembly, Gen3
16281-88461 - Hose from Hell on Earth, Gen3 (low stock, more on order)
16282-88480 - Hose from Hell, Gen3 (low stock, more on order)
90919-21581 - Spark plug wire set, Gen3

11213-88560 - Valve cover gasket (outer), BEAMS 3S-GE
11214-88560 - Valve cover gasket (inner), BEAMS 3S-GE
13505-88560 - Timing belt idler no.1, BEAMS 3S-GE
13568-80015 - Timing belt, BEAMS 3S-GE
13540-88561 - Timing belt tensioner, BEAMS 3S-GE
16100-79226 - Water pump, BEAMS 3S-GE
11213-88580 - Valve cover gasket (outer), Gen4 3S-GTE
11214-88580 - Valve cover gasket (inner), Gen4 3S-GTE

11213-16021 - Valve cover gasket, 20V
13540-16010 - Timing belt tensioner, 20V Blacktop
13568-19035 - Timing belt, 20V Silvertop
13568-19185 - Timing belt, 20V Blacktop
15100-19045 - Oil pump, 20V Blacktop
16100-19285 - Water pump, 20V Blacktop
17173-16030 - Exhaust manifold gasket, 20V
17177-16020 - Intake manifold gasket, 20V Silvertop
17177-16030 - Intake manifold gasket, 20V Blacktop
90210-09016 - Valve cover grommet, 20V
90311-40015 - Intake cam seal, 20V

These are all brand new, genuine Toyota OEM parts, and we are stocking them in addition to all the other Gen3 and 20V parts we already do such as engine gasket sets. We also have access to other parts, like BEAMS parts and Gen3 valve shims, that are not yet practical for us to keep in stock. You can email me if you need to get some ordered.

Some things like Gen3 HFH and HFHOE are always in demand and hard to keep in stock, but we have more on order and will try to keep them in stock as often as possible. Most of the parts in this list are either here right now or on the way to us.

I'm sure someone is going to ask me for prices...so here's the reminder: You can always paste any Toyota part number into the search functions on the LEFT SIDE of our website at LithiaToyotaParts.com (http://LithiaToyotaParts.com) to see if the site recognizes the part number and gives you a price. If it does, we can generally get that part. There are some really good part number stickies around the forums - take advantage of them.

Let us know if you need something particular that you can't find. Otherwise, it's go time. Have fun!

06-17-2011, 04:36 PM
That is AWESOME Aaron!

Something you also might consider is branching out to ST205 suspension parts, like the figure 8's and others. Lots of demand from the Canadians up here, since there pretty much all shot on the cars that are brought in.

06-18-2011, 03:10 AM
happy to see gen4 3sgte parts!