View Full Version : helper springs needed for gr2/megan setup?

06-06-2011, 03:17 PM
Do you need helper springs if you are running the 2" drop megan springs with GR-2 inserts? (92' alltrac) I installed this spring and strut combo on the front and stock struts with megan springs on the rear and I'm now getting a lot of "clunking" noise from mostly the front suspension, but a little from the rear also. Is this the struts or springs flopping around or is it maybe the tie rods or something having problems with the lower geometry?

Also, how much do you need to cut the bump stops? I took about 1 "ring" off the bump stops (about 1/3rd) and I seem to be hitting the bumpstops fairly frequently.

Any suggestions for getting the gr-2/megan setup to operate a little smoother?