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04-26-2005, 08:15 AM
After the new paintjob on the celica, it rained.. like, 2 days later. Because i was smart and didnt get up before the sun came out, the water beaded and now I have watermarks on the paint which wont come off. Any suggestions as to how I can get rid of them? Also, my paint scratches really badly.. Its been a good few months since its been done, but i drove past a bush in the yard which brushed up against the car ever so lightly, but its scratched it :/
What can I do? Thanks :D

04-26-2005, 10:29 AM

Ive found that windex with ammonia has worked well for me...:shrug:

04-26-2005, 07:47 PM
Since you've got to fix those scratches, you might as well do a proper polish and wax job on it.

I'd suggest Meguiar's #80 Speed Glaze to take out the scratches and deal with the water spots, followed by probably Meguiar's NXT Wax, which is a synthetic polymer with some light cleaning ability. The wax, because of it's cleaning ability, would get rid of the water spots, but would only fill, not remove, the scratches.

This is assuming you're talking scratches in the clearcoat, such that you can feel them with your fingernail. If they're deep enough to be into the colour coat, or large enough that you can fit your fingernail into them, then you're looking at touch-up. After which the polish and wax is still a good idea to improve uniformity and get rid of all the micro-scratches every car develops over time.

Even if you go with PC's suggestion, wax afterwards, because the ammonia will strip your wax.

04-26-2005, 09:28 PM
Thanks for that :D i'll have a hunt and see if we can get those products over here, hopefully we can :D

04-27-2005, 03:34 AM
the scratches sustained will be very light, unless the trees/bush were damn hard mofo's..

it should polish out with a little rubbing compound, lots of different brands around - wouldnt know a brand for Oz..

but remember rubbing compounds are abrasive so you dont need to rub too hard, just do it lightly and gauge the results often until its nice and smooth - then apply a good wax asap.

when you wash the car, make sure you hose it down first to get rid of the clinging particles that will scratch further.

dont use sponges - the hold abrasive particles.

Use quality edge sticthed toweling, and keep them coming.

you need 5 to wash the car.

the more soap the better, soap makes water wetter by adjusting the viscosity as well as the active cleaning properties such as degreasers and penetrating agents.

after you have thoroughly rinsed the car with a good high pressure hose attachment, get a bucket of hot soapy water - wash the car in the following sequence using a fresh toweling for each section - note, this is for cars which have a lot of surface contaminants and dust;

dip the towel and leave it heavily soaked, then wash -

1. Roof, front and rear screens and side windows. Rinse off with the left hand and soap up and clean with the right, dont be afraid to get wet and keep the water going on the car. when you are happy, put the cloth in another empty bucket and grab a fresh one.

2. Bonnet/hood, wings/fender and bumper, again lots of soap and water and rinse as you go - when youve finished - yup fresh cloth

3. Then working from the front, do each side from the door to the rear light cluster only, a fresh cloth for each side - lots of soapy water and rinsing as you go, by this time you shoul be about to fill your 4th bucket of hot water...

4. Last fresh cloth for the rear end. done.

Why use so many cloths - well they pick up the contaminants and scratch the top coat.

And starting on the roof, then front end working to the back ensures you do the dirtiest bits last, which have had a lot of rinsing and exposure to penetrating cleaning products, so the wash off easier.

Dry off the car with fresh clean toweling

Having put all the dirty toweling into a bucket as you have been going, fill it hot soapy water and you now have cloths which can be used to clean the dirty and greasy parts like wheels and engine bay, door reveals, etc etc.

Then if necessary clay bar the paint to remove any oxidisation and smooth out any minor scratches, clean down, apply a polish glaze then a good wax, wax the car at least once a weak after a good rinse and wash with soap - use less detergent for a waxed surface.


for major scratches give me a shout..