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05-24-2011, 03:13 PM
So i want to get new rims and tires for my car, i will be using it for daily driving and some auto x. i have already set my eye on some
Kumho Ecsta XS for tires since they have pretty good reviews. i am currently running 7 gen rims which are 16x6.5 and i am guessing they weight around 16 to 20 pounds. i would be running 215/45/16 on them so that be a total of around 20 to 25 per tire. (also have the option of getting Falken AZENIS RT-615K since they are the same price)

now for my question. would it be better to upgrade to something that is wider ? i been debating in my head if i should go down to 15" and 8 wide, with some streched tires. basicly what it comes down to if the traction would out weight the heaviness ? i am trying to find a balance set up with the most traction and weight the less.

if any1 has some recommendation for tires and rims please post them. i am looking to spend around $1000 for tires including shipping to canada.

05-25-2011, 06:28 AM
The Azenis are NOT competitive anymore. The XS are only good dry and warm. I'm running 15x7 with a 225/45R15 right now. I'm running the Hankook RS-3s as a street tire but they're not fantastic in the rain. Better off to get some grippy tires for dry and some good rain/daily driving tires. Everyone I've talked to has been very happy with the Continental ExtremeContact DW (NOT DWS) for wet conditions. Figure I can put those on for my daily driving (with a nice hard 340 treadwear), save my RS-3s for track days and use my slicks on dry days (I run Hankook Z214 C71 compound DOT-R slicks).