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04-20-2011, 02:03 AM
The CS comment was a big help. If we look at Euro market ST185 rather than JDM, the headlamp washers do show up. Part numbers are 85044-20040 and 85045-20040, right and left, and they appear to be available on any #T18# Celica, not just the 185. But be advised that simply plumbing nozzles into a windshield washer system won't be very satisfactory. Headlamp washer pumps are much larger and more powerful than windshield washer pumps.

I figured this deserved it's own thread. Can I have a PN for the pump? Do you have a diagram that explains how it integrates with the washer tank? I am very interested in this...

Aaron Willis
04-20-2011, 05:27 PM
Well, yes and no. This is not something I can easily copy and paste. However, if you use one of the online EPCs such as www.toyodiy.com or http://www.megazip.ru/ru/auto/toyota and look up a '92 ST185 you can see the diagram and part numbers. The one I used that worked was a '92 Euro model ST185 LHD widebody.

The pump itself is 85310-12190. It draws from the windshield washer reservoir.

Now, from a realistic perspective, you will have a hell of a time buying this all piece-by-piece brand new. It may be more cost effective to source it used from outside the US or even piece together your own using, for example, Land Cruiser componentry.