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03-27-2011, 01:37 AM
I got bored and walked down to the shop to screw off for awhile. I had a couple of shifters lying around and figured I should make myself a short throw shifter and see what the hype is about. I've never had an after market shifter.

So I took a shifter From a 5th gen I had laying around and a piece of 1/2in cold roll and made it happen

All I did was cut the rod below the ball joint and lengthened the rod by 5/8 of an inch. I beveled a 45 degree angle on both ends of the cold roll steel piece and the shift rod pieces and fill welded everything back together.

It's not as great looking as a CNC'd piece but it is just as functional.

So I put the shifter assembly back together and took the car for a spin. Let me tell you that it is a night and day difference in the way it shifts. I was pretty excited and never would have imagined that a short throw shifter would make such a huge difference. It was almost like the same crotch tingle I got when I first heard my turbo spool. The time between shifts is reduced dramatically and so is the distance.

The best part is the price. I paid $6 for the shifter at PaP and I have 30ft of cold roll that has been laying around for a couple years now. So maybe $.05 worth of steel that I used. Beats the hell out of a $190 short shifter as far as I'm concerned.

I may have to make more of these for you guys.

The old shifter is on the left and the short throw shifter is on the right.






03-27-2011, 03:18 AM
Wow! That is way kool!

I remember the short throw shifter from the Pontiac GTO - it had one as an option and knew a guy that had one.

Yet - I thought it was a difference in the shifter forks in the transmission and didn't know it was only a difference in the leverage of the shifter arm.

03-27-2011, 04:03 AM

Grayscale used to make and sell these.

Did you take any length out of the arm from the pivot to the knob?

Id like one for my integra.

03-27-2011, 04:43 AM
I didn't shorten the length above the ball joint. All I did is bend it more toward the arm rest so that I could reach it easier.

I'd be glad to make you one Aaron and let you test it out for me. Just pay shipping. Just send me a shifter and let me know about how much clearance you have between the bottom of the cable end and the floor. Like what you see in the pic above. Usually an 1/2 inch what companies add to the length. I made mine a little longer because I had plenty of clearance.

03-29-2011, 08:15 AM
i would love one for my celica!! if u start making and sellin this things plz let me know

03-29-2011, 08:32 AM
Wow nice

Looks like a new ebay business to me.

I would buy one