View Full Version : Cold start not working

03-17-2011, 05:35 PM
cold start! need help!
right this has been going on for a while, my car a uk gt 2.0 since i bought it last april has cold started perfect, around 1600 1700k and had a crap idle, so i swaped out the magnetic motors for another and it idled perfectly but wouldnt cold start would catch but bearly hit 1000rpm, if reved it would stall and not want to start! id floor it and it would slowly catch and start just about!
so put orignal back on and same busniss so got a compeatly diffreant icv and fitted it, cleaned every thing up and you guesset it ssdd! the only strange thing is when you start it hot or even warm itll do what its suppot to and rev up itll hit bounch at 1900 and settle back down to idle,
so it got to be somthing else right? fuel pressure reg or pump, the car has done 122k but i changed the fuel filter when i got the car and timing i did a couple of months back! i do acosonaly run the fuel in to the last quater of the tank but ive never run out of fuel in it and the fuel light has only come on once a day or so before i changed the mag motor over in the first place! im at my wits end with it
anyone help!