View Full Version : headlight questions

02-25-2011, 06:14 PM
Does anyone know if there are any fixed headlight conversions for the fifth gen kinda like the rx7s have

02-25-2011, 08:17 PM
you mean a headlight conversion where you replace the hedlaight with a headlight that the bulb can be taken out of ?

02-25-2011, 08:46 PM
Fixed -- as in not the pop-up style.

There are a few -- but they are expensive, and the only one which looked good and did not scream cheap conversion is no longer in production.

02-25-2011, 09:19 PM
Never seen it before.

02-25-2011, 10:58 PM
Is there any way possible the one that isn't in production could be bought off of eBay or something or would it be easier to just buy one for a an rx7 or some other car and do a custom fab

02-26-2011, 10:41 AM
Possible, anything's possible. Probable, not so much.

As for buying one for another car, you'd run into the rather important issue that you're not just replacing the headlight, which is a standard-sized part, but the covers, which aren't so standardized.